My latest addiction: Clash of Clans!

Ever since my childhood, I have been an ardent fan of video games. Be it Tetris or the Racing games; I used to dedicate half of my pocket money in purchasing the pencil batteries; until I managed the rechargeable batteries from my uncle. Ever since that day, there was no turning back. We played on, until our fingers began to ache, and the buttons of the video game began to show signs of abnormality!

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Thereafter, I became addicted to the racing game Road Rash. It was immediately after the installation of our brand new computer that we (me and my sister) began to fight over it. Being the elder sister, my sister always got the privilege, while I had to sit back and wait for my turn. Other interesting games were Dave, Wolf etc.


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Next we discovered the peppy game, Prime Suspects: The Mystery Case Files by Big Fish Games. As soon as we finished the trial game session, we became addicted to it. Thereafter, I found a way to get the entire game series via the torrent. This time, there was no quarrel between me and my sister. We began to operate as a joint unit, to complete the mission in the game. As I went to study, I handed over the charge of unraveling the mysteries to my sister.


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As we replaced the desktop to bring home a stylish laptop, we had to bid goodbye to the peppy games as well as our gaming habit. We began to compensate the loss by watching films together, until one day when I discovered the safe gaming option, internet gaming!

Here, we don’t have to bear the hazards of downloading and installing the huge sized games. All we need is to sign into our Facebook account, and we are all set to enjoy the mind blogging peppy games like Criminal Case, Candy Crush and so on and so forth.

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All these years, I firmly believed that mobiles and tablets are useful gadgets, which should be used solely for work purpose and nothing else. Many of the teenagers in my locality have also told me, how disgusted they felt to find such a useless gadget. I have been thanking God secretly, for saving my gadgets from their clutches.


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All of the sudden, one day I discovered the addictive peppy multiplayer game, Clash of Clans (my brother have been a huge fan of this). Because I had nothing to do, I was sneaking through his phone and found the game pretty interesting. I immediately downloaded the game in my tab, and began to play it (secretly), and soon it was no longer a secret because I became totally addicted to it.

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The idea of purchasing new gadgets (with the looted money), upgrading the machinery, soldiers (with the elixir and dark elixir) before invading a clan seems so real! Besides, there are clans and leagues from all over the world, whereby all the players can interact and discuss the game in details. It requires a steady internet connection and thus, in order to enjoy the peppy game without any interruption I have also arranged for a Data card (in case my wifi betrays me).


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Amidst my busy schedule, I always take five minutes break (throughout the day) to supervise my clan and plan my strategy; and it gives me immense pleasure when a mission is accomplished. Perhaps the only time, when I stop is during the maintenance period of the game (which happens almost every day for at least 45 minutes) and when I am sleeping.


Image Source: Tweet by @probzhayday

It is needless to say, that Supercell has done (and is still doing) a great job and this is one of the peppiest games that I have come across in the past few years! I wish, they improve it even more and develop such interesting and engaging games (with astounding graphics) to keep the adults hooked in the coming days.

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