The Fantastico Art of Bazaar Hopping!

Time and again we have been discussing a lot about the benefits of the e-commerce store over the brick and mortar shops; and how it turns out to be bliss for the workaholic people (who loves to shop as well). On the other hand, it is equally beneficial for the small business owners and start-ups, because their expenses (of setting up a retail store) are reduced manifold. However, while shopping online, we tend to overlook the other face of the retail stores or Bazaars (which I have discovered recently)!

In most of the cases, I choose online shopping over offline, simply because it saves a lot of time, money and the hazards of travelling. But, recently our startup (which delivers handcrafted goods) got a huge order, whereby we were supposed to deliver 50-60 exclusively handmade stuff in five days or so. Thereby, we had to drop the idea of online shopping, because none of the stores can deliver the supplies within a week.  I tried the Flipkart Advantage facility once, but to my utter disappointment, they failed to deliver the product within the deadline and sent me an apology mail (which obviously, is not my client’s lookout).  As a result, we started venturing out into the popular market zones of Kolkata (Sealdah, Burrabaazar etc.).


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We started with the markets, close to our residence and discovered that half of the art supplies are not available here; and even if they are, we were shocked to see the price rates! Thereafter, we decided to visit the market zones (which sell wholesale goods) and it turned out to be a fantastico experience. We found more varieties and quantities of the same goods (at amazing rates), which was further negotiable! We could check out every item, (the colour shades, pattern and the dimensions) and look for the better ones (in quality) amidst the huge collection. This was indeed overwhelming, for me and my sister!


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At times, the shopkeepers helped us in finding the stores (which sell the goods we needed), wrapped up the goods (in such a way that we could bring them back safely), called the taxis for us and also suggested better ideas to execute our plan. We were astonished to discover that one of the shopkeepers (in Sealdah), actually resides close to our neighbourhood. Thus, we planned to request him to bring back some of the items with him, so that we don’t need to carry them all the way! The man gave us his contact number and agreed to help so that we could operate smoothly in future. Furthermore, the huge collection of the goods gave use numerous innovative ideas for our artistic venture.  Thereafter, we opted for the Uber cab services to carry home all the items in a hassle-free way.


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It is worth mentioning here, that the event taught me an important lesson in life. Online stores are the unparalleled option for electronics and branded items. But, for amazing art supplies, decoratives and local goods, there is no alternative to the bazaars or the popular market zones of the city! Here you can collaborate, negotiate and convince the shop owners and get exactly what you choose, right in your hand (instantly). Besides, here you also have the liberty to select even a tiny art piece (even if that costs Rs 2), unlike the online stores (where you have to purchase an entire packet).


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So, if you want to create something you have to be out in the streets and like us, you too will have a fantastico experience.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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