4 peppy dressing ideas for the love season!

There are few things in which we have nothing much to do. For all the heartbreaks because of people leaving us alone and not looking back at us, we had only one thing to do to cry, to be in pain. But then again, as the rule of this universe, there will come a point where you will be at the other side of the table. Now, the way you use it is completely on your hands. First thing is that you can pretty much try and avenge that pain by doing something absolutely drastic, not meant literally, but if the opportunity presents itself, then more power to you. And while you are at it, while you make that man or woman regret leaving you, as you rise to your fame, there is no harm in dressing up for the occasion.


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To start with, there are few rules you must abide by:
1. Do not turn yourself into a baseless person, the moment you set your eyes on him. Instead, the trick is to hold your poise, and still be peppy and absolutely breath taking while he is in the room, to make him suffocate.
2. Dressing up perfectly for the occasion. For instance, if it is a formal party, dress accordingly if it is a pool party you should go that sets the mood and while doing so, make sure you cover up your assets and still be tricky about it.
Wondering how to do so? Read on!
Bandage dress– Bring on the best game with your bandage dress. See there is something irresistible about those very things which we can’t have and now the actual truth is that, what are far more irresistible are the things which you once had, lost it and now is out of your league. So, when you adorn that bandage dress that drapes around your skin like it is rather the second skin this will set him on fire.


Image Source: wheretoget.it

Formal suit– This shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that there is something about men who knows how to wear their suit or their uniform. From a man with ‘swag’, they immediately turn into the forbidden apple that we women can’t even touch. Now, to bring out that posh gentleman in you, more than chivalry at this point you need to look dapper than usual.


Image Source: www.martialvivot.com

Dress the way you wouldn’t- It is always better to dress up in such a way that, that person is unaware that you can pull off. Now, by this, we do not mean that you should end up looking trashy and absolutely ridiculous. For instance, had you been the kind who would rather wear jeans and some top to match with for any occasion, make sure you raise the bar a little and set a standard by putting on that dress you have, the kind he should like on other girls. For men too, this is the simplest trick. Just make it very prominent that you are not the ‘person’ they so, claim to know. You are more than just the way ‘they’ can define you.


Image Source: allgoodthingscomeinten.wordpress.com

Casual jeans and top can work just fine– who says that jeans are something casual and tops or the t-shirts are just a silly excuse? You need to know how to and what to, the rest of the things can be handled. Be done with those over-sized things, for god’s sake, no matter what your weight is, and how ugly you think you might look. To start with pick up that self-confidence you had dropped when that person had left you and start by buying skinny jeans of your type and make a statement. Now, that the jeans have been taken care of, the t-shirt or top choices are endless. And trust us when we say, you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and top.


Image Source: galleryhip.com

So, get ready for the love season with these peppy dressing ideas; and make a wise move so that you don’t regret it in the future!

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