Five annoying comments about my nose piercing!

Ever since my childhood, I have always loved the art of body piercing. I was around five years old when I got my ear pierced, for the first time. It didn’t hurt me much, because I was used to getting wounded now and then while playing (and I was popular for my sporting attitude).

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I was desperate to get my ear pierced again, since my seventh standard and finally got it done in the ninth standard. Thereafter, there was no turning back. I have been piercing my ears and nose at least once a year. I strongly believe, that choosing the perfect earring or nose pin, can actually transform your appearance completely.


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Unfortunately, only a handful of fashionable youths devote ample time to select the perfect accessories, which complies perfectly with their dress. I am very particular about the accessories I choose, and I pay equal or more attention to it (rather than my dress). However, in most of the cases I have to face some really silly questions, which I think the majority of women with multiple piercings tend to face!


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So, here are the top five annoying questions and comments related to my nose piercing, that I had faced till date:
Isn’t it out of fashion?
This is perhaps the most common question that I have answered, whenever I got a new piercing (especially my nose). Well, of course, I don’t find it old-fashioned to get my nose pierced, unless I pick a traditional heavy nose pin with a casual dress or a regular pair of jeans!
Is that a real piercing? Did it hurt?
Of course! This is one of the silliest question I have come across. Who doesn’t know that any body piercing will hurt? Even if you get it done after applying medicine, it will obviously hurt when the anesthetic effect gets over. As the old saying goes “no pain no gain”!
Can I pull it off?
Why on Earth would you ask someone this question! Do you want to check out the nose pin they are wearing or their patience? Just Google it, friends! There are ample fantastic designs available on the online shopping sites (for the ones who have a piercing as well as who don’t ). Simply browse through them and if I am kind enough, I might just take it off and show you.
Trust me you look pretty without them!
What if I don’t want to look pretty at all? Maybe I love carrying this weird look!
Honestly, these types of suggestions mostly come from my friends, relatives and well-wishers, which turns off my peppy mood. In fact, I have also heard that the ex-boyfriend of my friend asked him to take it off because it made him feel uncomfortable!
You look hot with it:
I considered it to be a fantastico compliment (even if you don’t find any other good quality in me); until I read a recent article, which stated that it is one of the common forms of innocent adulation. Indeed, it is an alarming compliment in that case!
I still try to justify myself, that it is not a wise decision to generalize everything and the guy might have made a random comment!

What I find intolerable is, when people post silly images of men or women with millions of piercings in their body, and tag me in that.


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I mean what exactly they are trying to prove? I haven’t yet lost my sanity and as a matter of fact, I only have six piercings in my ear, and one in my nose!

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