Five fantastico tips to make the most of a trip!

If you have been an avid traveler throughout your life, you must be well aware of the little tricks, which can help you to reap the maximum fun in a trip. In case you have just started your journey as a traveler, here are few tips to get you started:

  1. Do not completely trust the local people to locations or factual information: When it comes to travelling, it is always better to search the internet and get hold of basic information or guide about your destination, rather than simply relying on the word of mouth.

In my case, it so happened that my relatives refrained from mentioning some of the historical locations because they thought it might not draw my interest; while I found the local temples and monasteries boring! The lesson that I learned is, what appears to be interesting for them, might not arrest my attention. A basic research work can help you to ask them about the spots you might want to visit. Besides, gathering factual information about the spots, tend to make it even more appealing for the tourists.


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  1. Never carry too many clothes: It is always better to carry only the essential items on a trip. Unless you are travelling to an isolated island (whereby only the tribal people reside) or you are travelling for a special event, avoid carrying excessive clothes. This way, you can shop more at the foreign land and carry home the fantastico stuff, which you might not be able to purchase in your locality.


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  1. Carry only sufficient cash or hide them in a safe place: Even though carrying excessive cash in a remote land might appear to be dangerous, there are many places where you might not be able to access ATM machines. I personally prefer to carry cards instead of cash, but if you want to shop from the local bazaars and taste the street food, you can’t expect them to accept card; and even if you find an ATM, it might not function properly.

In fact, once the bank even blocked my Debit Card once, because I was using it outside my state (and I intended to draw a huge amount).The trick is to carry sufficient cash in a concealed pocket inside your luggage and to take it out as per your daily needs. These days there are many stylish pockets or sling bags available, which too are very useful for the backpackers.


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  1. Scan the local markets and cuisines: In order to make the most of your trip, it is always better to scan the local bazaars for the fantastico handmade goods, delicious street foods and the things which are popular in the place. Unless you take part in these exciting activities, you have hardly explored the place properly. Find a local shop, which is decent and hygienic, to avoid the health hazards during your trip.


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  1. Avoid rushing from one place to another: In today’s world, we hardly have time to be a part of the local culture and tradition. We carry our digital cameras, and love to pose or simply to click the scenic beauty (to post images on the social networking sites and showcase our hidden talents). As a result, we tend to skip many beautiful locations, which might not feature among the notable tourist spots of the place. Instead of rushing from one place to another, it is always better to visit one particular destination in a single trip and to make the most of it.


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Try out these five fantastico tips next time you plan a trip, and make the most of it!


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One thought on “Five fantastico tips to make the most of a trip!

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    What a Fantastico post!
    Being an avid traveler, i would mention for point 1 that it is better to talk to local people, they would know more than what is mentioned on the internet…just that don’t rely on them fully!


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