In Solidarity with JU

It was only a few years ago, that the Nirbhaya event shook the entire nation to the extent, that the country was forced to walk in the streets! Since then, there have been multiple protests, in favor of the freedom of expression and gender equality. I myself have been a part of many such protests because I consider myself to be a feminist and I see the importance of educating the mass about my rights!


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Unlike many others, I do not fancy the idea of feminism. I am a feminist because I have been experiencing gender inequality, ever since the day I began to develop a little understanding of the world; I am a feminist because I have been a victim of child abuse and molestation and the memories are still  fresh enough to give me goosebumps! Unfortunately, my bold statements often turn out to be a reason for discomfort of many. So, I would rather talk about something which has drawn the attention of the entire nation, the JNU protest and JU’s support!

Being a part of the JU protests, I have clearly understood that there are certain groups of people, who take part in these protests with varying interests. Let us glance at what they think while entering a protest march:

  • A group of politicians and celebrities: Okay, so I have been silent for quite some time, here is a chance to be in the limelight and draw the public to support me in the near future. What if I make the innocent students suffer for this? I will at least try to execute my plan!


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  • The Television channels: Here is an incident, which can have a tremendous impact on our viewership and TRPs. Let’s play the age old strategic game and grab some profit!


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  • Confused journalist: Even if I don’t support this wholeheartedly, I have to save my job! I will rather be on the safer side.


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  • Attention Seeker (who has been trying hard to be in the limelight): Let me develop something (images, poems or write-ups) really weird and out of the world. People will definitely notice me, and yay! I will be the star of the day (or if I am lucky it may be a week)!


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  • A group of self-motivated individuals: We don’t really care what’s going on here; in fact, we never bothered to be a part of this. Here we find a group of women (don’t really care if they are journalists, teachers or students); okay we will push them hard, grab their hair, hit them hard and try to derive as much sexual pleasure as we can (because after all they are the weaker sex and how far will they go?) and the point of focus here is something else, so we will have fun and go unnoticed!


a-cartoon-shows-a-woman-suffering-sexual-harassment-for-fears-of-losing-job-the-ministry-of-labor-war-invalids-and-social-affairs-has-issued-a-code-of-conduct-on-preventing-sexual-harassment-in-the-16.jpgImage Source:

  • Avid Facebook User: Okay, so these students are organizing protests against the violence and sexual assault inside a campus! Here is my checklist: my sister doesn’t study in this University, my girlfriend is safe and the girl I am interested in, also has nothing to do with the protest.


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So, I will now post something indifferent “The students don’t have any work other than polluting my news feed” or “Ah! These students are always seeking attention”.

Of course, if you have someone (close to your heart) in these Universities, the case might be slightly different!

Meanwhile, there are numerous students, who have been beaten up, sexually assaulted, abused and harassed (now and then) still continues to fight for the cause without any self-interest! Yes, they have been shamed for being hopeless and encouraging chaos, for they have been bearing the sexual harassments, abusive tones, relentless criticisms and still skipping the delicious meals,wasting their productive time (which most of them use in far better way than the Facebook addicts), and missing the important lectures (while many of  the young lads are enjoying a cozy date with their girlfriends)!

[At the University level, very few students tend to bunk the lectures for no cause; at least at some of the best universities of the country]


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Yet, very few people ponder upon the fact, that why so! The JU students too, could have simply ignored the situation and lead a normal life? The reason why they chose this path is, probably because they want a safe and secure campus, free from violence and dirty politics! They want a healthy environment across the campuses of the country, which will have a positive impact on them and will encourage them to enrich their knowledge, rather than molestation taking place now and then! Yes, they are the anti-nationalists because they support the innocent JNU students (it no longer matters, whether they are students or terrorists  ) and thus, deserve to be criticized by people (who don’t even know why these educated individuals are bearing all these pain).

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Thanks to our professors, educated and logical Indians, and the University co-workers who have been supporting and backing up all the innocent and helpless students without any self-interest.

Long live the student’s movement! May the campuses across the country be violence free and safe for all!

PS: The issue I am talking about here, is the impact of violence at the University and nothing else.



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