Transform your life by altering your habits!

Do you think that, simply swapping the regular meal with oats can transform your life?
Never! It requires specific strategies, to maintain the ideal balance between the body and soul. If you have been struggling hard to bring out the best in you, here are few things you must try out:
Do away with the negative thoughts in your mind: Despite being in a stressful situation, it is always important to perceive the positive aspects. I have noticed that many people start worrying about their career when there is relatively less work; on the other hand, they find themselves in dire stress when there is ample work! Focusing on positive thinking can help an individual to focus better in their work, by stop worrying about the consequences.

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Visit a mental clinic: Visiting a mental clinic doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed lunatic tendencies. Furthermore, there is a subtle difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. At times, the human mind ceases functioning properly due to the hormonal secretion of the pituitary gland. Under such circumstances, it is not impossible for the patient to commit a crime, or to get himself hurt (because he might feel defeated). Taking proper medicines can successfully restore back the state of normalcy and allow the individual to concentrate on the vital aspects of their life.

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Take a break from the monotonous life: We understand how difficult it is for you, to leave your desk without finishing a task (especially if you are a freelancer like me). But it is very crucial to step outside at least once in a day to let your mind function properly; and if you are a creative individual, it will certainly help you a lot to get fresh ideas.
What most of us prefer is, to tune in the peppy music tunes and take a short break! But that doesn’t help all the time because you need to connect with your inner self to ponder upon other vital aspects of life. This can have a positive impact on your life too!

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The art of breathing perfectly: Did you know that most of us are unaware of the proper method of breathing? Even though it is impossible to survive without performing this basic function, most of us adopt the incorrect way of breathing, upper body breathing. Fortunately, I came across an uncle who offered me candid lessons on the impact of belly breathing and how it can help me to stay energized throughout the day. My uncle would advise me to wake up early in the morning, and to practice the art of breathing because it can benefit our body in ways more than one.

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  • Exercising a bit or walking: This is perhaps the easiest yet most difficult habit to be adapted, in order to stay fit. Being confined to a room, and staying glued to our work bench has turned into our daily habit. As a result, the thought of moving our body aggressively for even half an hour scares us, even though all of us are aware of the impact of regular exercising!

The trick is to pick some lightweight foldable gadgets from the online stores and to try to make it work for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a treadmill at your home! A simple jumping rope or push up bars might work for you. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to exercise early in the morning. As for me, I try to wrap up my urgent tasks in the afternoon and start exercising from around 4-5 pm; and it works perfectly for me!

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