A Sneak Peak Through Six Degrees Game of Blogs

Six Degrees is a collaborative effort of multiple bloggers across India. The three stories feature and revolve around five characters, set in two metropolitan cities, Delhi and Mumbai. The main objective of the entire effort was, to frame a story (which is obviously fictional) by three separate teams, comprising of multiple authors (or bloggers); and the result is Six Degrees!

In order to review this particular book, it is very essential to introduce the central characters of the stories, because otherwise it might turn out to be an arduous task! The stories revolve around the family of a freelance writer, settled in Mumbai; Shekhar Dutta (an ever smiling adorable dad), his wife, Tora Dutta (a careeristic modern woman, who works in the media) and their daughter Roohi Datta (a nine years old innocent girl). The other two characters include a wild life photographer Jennifer Joseph from Kochi (a hot young lady with a right hand tattoo) and a law student from Delhi, Cyrus Daruwala (a studious, stern faced character with noticeably large specs).

The first story, The Awakening, deals with the sudden arrival of Jennifer Joseph in the lives of the Dutta family and how, it leads to a series of unexpected revelations. From a happy family that resides in your neighbourhood the family is subjected to the threat of being fragmented! Unlike the other two stories, this story by team Lines is a proper science-fiction and it does not lack the factual details (which form a very important part of a science fiction). Honestly, I do not usually pick up a science fiction by Indian authors unless they are the masterpieces by the iconic novelists or authors (for example Satyajit Ray). But, this particular story is apparently well knit by the different authors, and it actually turns out to be a convincing plot! In fact, I would rather regret now for being judgemental!

Moving on to the next story by the team, Potliwale Baba, Entangles Lives is a murder mystery (one of my favourite genres). The housemaid of the Dutta family is murdered and there is no clear evidence to entangle the case. Much like all my favourite murder mysteries and thrillers, the Potliwalle Baba’s have successfully created the suspense by transforming every single character into a suspicious one. The revelation of the secrets and betrayal and the desire for revenge is meant to feed the reader, the much needed masalas. Of all the three stories, this particular story is my favourite because it bears multiple cinematic elements, which makes it even more engaging until the last page.

The last story, Missing: A Journey Within is another mystery story, where the daughter of the Duttas, Roohi tends to be missing (as the name itself suggests). The photographer, Jennifer Joseph happens to accidentally click an image of Roohi, as she was working on her assignments. The story echoes, the feelings of the parents as they fear, never to see their daughter again. The twists and turns, in the plot are worth mentioning here, because we have already seen a lot of similar stories, on silver screen. So, what awaits their fate? Will they finally manage to rescue their daughter? Read the story by team Tete-a-Ten to find out!

Final Verdict:


This book is highly recommended for the bloggers because it not only sets an example for us, but opens up the multiple possibilities by allowing us to brainstorm.  In most of the novels, movies (or stories), the plot tends to define the characters, but in this case it is just the reverse. For me, this particular book is not only a good read, but also a very good experiment, whereby one can visualize the same characters, in different shades (much like the limited editions of Nancy Drew stories) and I think, the Bollywood filmmakers should also consider these aspects in future. Furthermore, the language is lucid and the plots are well knitted (which is indeed a difficult task, because of so many incredible minds working together) to offer you the much needed treat. This book is definitely worth reading, and I would like to thank Blogadda for the wonderful initiative!

Six Degrees-Game of Blogs definitely proves the point that each blogger is different, their views are different and the way they visualize things are different !!! We highly recommend BlogAdda to come up or plan with the next edition of #Celebrate Blogging so that more bloggers can embark their journey to become authors.

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