Weaving Our Magical Stories With Colgate

This is a post that has been created with the space characters from the three packs of the all-new Colgate Magical Space Adventure. However, my little brother is too young to fill up the loopholes in the story, and that is where I have stepped it. Thanks to Colgate, I have got the chance to discover how creative my little brother could be! Here is our story; I am calling it ‘our’ because I have helped him to pick the right words for narrating the story:

Raman’s Little Space Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a five years old boy Raman who was always bullied in school and neighborhood by their friends, because he was physically week compared to the other children. One day, while he was returning home from school, he found a weird looking ring in the corner of the street. He immediately picked it up and carried it home (he was very fond of glittering things). At night when his parents sent him to bed, he took it out and started wiping it with a fresh cloth, and he suddenly discovered that there is a secret button hidden inside the ring.
No sooner did he press the ring, he could hear a female voice that stated that our Earth is in danger. The aliens have decided to take over planet Earth, and will eventually turn the human beings into their slaves. Little Raman immediately ran to his parents to narrate the entire event, but much like any other fantasy films they laughed at him and told him to go to bed, and they will talk about it the next morning.
Raman lay wide awake in bed throughout the night, waiting to discuss the matter with his parents. But, when he tried to talk about it the next morning he ended up getting a great deal of scolding from his mother (while his father still lay asleep). Raman thus decided to take charge of the situation all by himself. As he got ready for the school (the school was close to his place, and he walked to school every day with his friends), he put on the new ring too. The following morning, Raman did not accompany his friends to school. Instead, he took a different path, which leads to the dense forest at the top of the hill.
When he reached a safe spot (so that no one could discover him), he pressed the button on his finger to communicated with Mollie, the strange little girl from the planet Mars. She informed Raman that there is no more time to be wasted and they have to start their secret invasion immediately. Raman said that he was completely clueless how he could help Mollie. Mollie answered him back, she had dropped the ring to be picked up by a creature, who is kind and has a brave heart with the indomitable desire to save their home planet; and by the aid of their advanced brain analytic device, they have discovered that both the qualities were present in Raman.
After that, Mollie guided Raman through a secret passage at the end of the woods. The passage appeared to be a simple rabbit hole to young Raman, but he stepped inside it because he had faith in Mollie, the advanced creature of Mars. To his great surprise, the passage ultimately leads to a tiny door.
As Raman opened the door a little bit, he found himself entering a completely new world! He was soon greeted by Captain X, who led him to a space center of that planet. After 48 hours of hectic training, Mollie and Raman set out for their first space adventure ever. (They were told that the reason why they are being chosen for the secret mission is that they are children and the aliens might consider them to be less powerful.)

Both of them were overwhelmed to see the Comets, Sun, and Saturn, but the ride was not at all smooth. However, the two children managed to land on the strange planet in their tiny spacecraft.

As they landed on the strange planet, they discovered that there were millions of aliens waiting to capture them. There was also a UFO that was preparing to take off. No sooner did the aliens decide to capture them, they started attacking the aliens with their advanced guns. The guns were created with a unique energy, which will not kill the aliens but will erase their memory completely. Mollie and Raman thus uses their gun to erase the memory of the aliens completely and then placed the victory flag on the strange planet!

Accompanied by Mollie, Raman then returns to Mars to drop Mollie. Captain X accompanied by the residents of Mars came rushing to them, but Raman informs them sulkily that he must leave for home for his parents must have been really worried about them. Captain X and Mollie both smiles and winks at him, and bids him goodbye!

When he walks out of the secret passage, it was a bright new morning. Raman starts walking towards his home (he was missing his parents very much, besides he was of the opinion that his parents too must have been very upset). When he knocks at the door (because he is too short to reach the calling bell), his mother comes out with an annoyed face! She opens the door, and to his utter shock she asks Raman, ‘so you must have come back for your home work copy?’ and when she notices the dirty uniform of Raman, she says ‘what is wrong with your uniform? How did you manage to get it so dirty in 10-15 minutes?’
Awestruck Raman stares blankly at his mother and bursts out in tears. He hugs his mother tightly and yells ‘Oh! Mum, I missed you so much’!

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


PS: I would like to Thank my little brother Chandrabhal Basu, and dedicate this post to him 🙂


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