A murderer in my society


Ever since my childhood, I have been called a Catwoman, because I feel so connected with cats. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like other pets! Ever since the day I shifted in Bombay, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I will be residing in a pet-friendly society. In this short span of few months, I have witnessed numerous puppies being born; and growing up steadily. They seemed really happy in this place because all the residents love them; the kids play with them and often tie the similar ribbons in their necks, to ensure that they are the residents of our society.

Over the past few weeks too, a newly turned mother took shelter outside my room in the corner of a garden. And I took the responsibility to call her and feed her daily because she was not in favor of leaving her puppies alone even for a moment.


I did this because the possibility of life always delights me, and every day when I woke up, I could see the mother cuddling her pups (who were merely tiny lumps of flesh).

The happy family

Yesterday when I made three fresh rotis for her and called her desperately, she was not responding. She merely looked at me and made weird sounds. I felt alarmed, and I went to see her today. The watchman told me that all the seven puppies died for some unknown reason. The chilly winter cannot be the reason because it’s not that cold in Mumbai. Besides, I also provided them clothes for warmth. We have no clue for the deaths, but the mother is so heartbroken that she is sitting there till now, unwilling to move even an inch, moaning. I went to her, cuddled her; she responded, but refused the food and went back to the same position again after few seconds.

The lonely mother

On the other hand, yesterday two little puppies were sleeping in front of our gate hugging each other for warmth. A car simply pestered them off right in front of my eyes, leaving the area blood-stained. The puppies were still trying their best not to die! I stood there helpless with two watchmen..The driver however left immediately for his cosy home without even trying to detect why all the dogs of our society started moaning all of a sudden. I felt so bad; I couldn’t help my tears. I couldn’t eat dinner, called my mother, howled and finally managed to narrate the entire story.

In most of the cases, I am hardly affected by deaths because it seems to be a natural phenomenon to me. But, this is gruesome! This is a murder of two innocent souls, even before they tasted adulthood. I don’t know how people can be so inhuman, and animals so compassionate and humane! Even today, after the removal of their bodies, our society bears testimony of this horrible incident (or murder) with blood stains all over the area.

Dear Murder, I completely understand that you are in a rush because you have a hectic schedule. But, is it more important than two innocent lives? I mean (quoting Tyrion Lannister) ‘Death is so final, while life is full of possibilities.‘ If you have to impress your girlfriend or spouse, try it on the highways! Why on Earth would someone fly their cars inside the society!

It’s the Christmas month, and I have seen nine innocent deaths, four days prior to Christmas. I don’t know why, but I am getting such a negative vibe, which is making me cranky and low-spirited!

May the Lord forgive our sins. Amen!



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