#beingqueerbychoice: A Tale of Love and Friendship

As a child, I was wise beyond my age. As a true Capricorn, I always believed that I had a greater purpose in life. I always tried to go out of my way, to help people in releasing their burdens and making them happy. Fortunately, none came on my way. Or I should rather say, I made sure that nobody entered my private world, my mind realm? :-p No matter how desperately she followed my every action, with a fixed pair of eyeballs, my mother failed to enter my secret world.

What we do, learn, share or experience in the school, is entirely our own narratives; and it stays with us for the rest of our lives. As for me, I loved to dwell in my own world, my school world (even when I was at home).


Image:Jiayi Lin


It was an English exam in the second or third standard; when I was too busy cooking up my own stories all over the paper because it was my favorite paper. I saw a thin puzzled girl, with teary eyes staring at the paper. She looked at me and almost burst out in tears. I dropped an eraser under the bench and found a way of communicating with her. I gave her a tiny hint. Her eyes lit up. She looked at me with a bright smile; and that smile, melted my heart right away, forever.


Image: Pinterest

Throughout my primary school days, I had only one friend, with whom I shared several moments, hours, days and years. I called her my “best friend,” but, was too afraid of acknowledging her the important position publicly. Yes, she is right about me, even today as she calls me “risk averse” person as a professional business adviser, founder of SheQu Group Inc. based in Sydney. I was too scared, of losing her friendship because she was the only person who noticed an introvert girl and made her feel special.


Image: Madman Entertainment

We exchanged not only Archie’s cards, letters, and diaries, but almost every single moment of our lives, without any technology involved. Back then, we were so innocent, that we needed no long Whatsapp chats, endless selfies, or late-night Face-timing to stay connected. We stayed perfectly connected to each other spiritually, through poems, artworks, and performances. I felt confident and beautiful when my best friend was around. No teacher could separate us, even for an hour. No matter how many times they made us sit apart from each other, we always found a way to be together, all the time!


One fine morning, in the seventh standard, the English teacher decided, that enough was enough. We were by then marked as the most notorious batch of the entire school. The teacher decided that we should be punished. Our seats were changed, and I found a crybaby sitting beside me. She was extremely pissed, and upset and had little interest in conversing with me. I found my next project, the Sagittarius friend.


Image: pinterest.com

I started drawing her attention, by pampering her a bit, with my tiffins and chocolates, and she turned towards me. She was a brave, ambitious, open-minded, fearless creature, who believed in getting everything and every person she needed in her life. Yet, she was a little crybaby yearning desperately for love and friendship. The way she looked at me, made me feel even more special and complete as a woman. She unleashed the other side of me, the caregiver, the nurturer. I couldn’t turn her down, for I wanted to be the one she visualized. I wanted to be the pretty, poised and intellectual person, who could engage my Sagittarian friend in meaningful conversations and make her feel better, in every possible way.



Blimey! She emerged to be a dynamic Sagittarian, riding her own Unicorn in her own world (that she herself has created around her).


But, that ended my friendship with my best friend. I thought my new Sagittarian friend, needed me more, and I needed her. She was a gifted writer, an Ocean of emotions, a maverick poet, and a selfless lover, who knew how to cast a spell on the people. Throughout the school, she was known as the charmer. And at our homes, she was the most feared girl. (Thankfully) Unlike my own, many parents were scared that their daughters might turn out to be brave, bold and fearless like her and smash the idea of a stereotypical woman. Many teachers considered her to be a bad influence on the other students, because she was just too wise, mature and an avid reader.


Image: YouTube

She was a lot more sensitive child than others; and so, they wanted to punish her for no reason. Yet she smiled, with a brave heart and convinced everybody, that life is too short for hatred or disgust. Yet I saw the vulnerable little child, the insecure baby, who was scared of being left alone in the dark. She just knew, how to connect with souls through words or emotions; and she tied my soul, with her soul forever. How could I not love her? She evoked multiple emotions in me. As a writer, she wrote several letters, poems and diaries to me and those words revealed, how deeply she understood me.


Image: Pinterest

But, my Sagittarian friend is a free bird. She flies off to the Neverlands and shows up only occasionally to stir my emotions. I never saw her, during my high school days. She left for Kurseong, and I fell in love for the first time in life. When we spoke for the first time, after two years, we were both heartbroken. She stood by my side for an entire night, and vanished in the morning to Hertfordshire, like a pleasant dream.


Image: Wallpaper Abyss – Alpha Coders

Our friendship was limited to a Skype call, a few text exchanges during special occasions and Birthday wishes. And then, out of nowhere, she emerged one day, in Jadavpur University (I was pursuing masters in Film Studies) for a crazy ride. She made me realize, that I was limiting myself too much, from doing the things I love. I realized I need to open up more, meet new people and gather more experience, rather than being scared and over-protective about myself.


Image: Vector Characters

Finally, in 2019 I see my two genius secondary school friends, living their life, their way, and killing it. I scroll through their social media pages, wondering if they were my two lost gems. Two of the most important people of my life-the expensive Archies cards category friends? Are they the same people, who used to be a part and parcel of my everyday life?


Image: wikiHow

It took me around fifteen years, to get two genius minds on the same page. And I got the answer, this year as my Birthday present, as they both say that they are the same people, my third standard best friend, and my secondary school crush! Sure they were ahead of their time, and even the reputed English medium school was not ready for their awesomeness. I always admired them both and waited with a peace flag to come together and celebrate life.


Image: zerochan.net

Their friendship is perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel glad, to be blessed with such real friends, who are creative, immensely talented, compassionate and sensitive individuals, who can read me like a magazine. I am an open book, but not everybody is educated enough to read me. My friends can, and yet the society calls them ‘queer?’ Well, I choose to be a queer then!

And as we reconcile today, with the hope of being better human beings together, we also pledge to make the world a better place for everyone!



#gettingyourduescleared: Before The New Year Sun Starts Shining Brightly

It’s the last date of the year! The Year is waiting eagerly at your doorstep, to be embraced with love and positivism. It’s time, to drive out all your negative energies and indulge in celebration! However, if you are not already out in the Sun, enjoying the festive vibe or singing carols and Instagraming, then probably you are also broke like me!


Image: VectorStock

Despite being immensely talented, passionate and workaholic, you are broke. The reason is that you too needed some time to realize that you deserve to get paid in the first place. A workaholic writer brain is constantly hunting for creative juices, more than anything else in the planet. Once we find that, we take the deep plunge into creative Ocean, forgetting all about reality. Alas, creative juices can only satisfy the intellectual thirst! What about the other hormones and enzymes of our body? What about our energy levels?


Image: Twitter

Well, a writer can forget everything. They can suppress their appetites for long hours; they can not only be unsocial but can also very rude and protective about their own world.


Image: 123rf.com

They can be generating ideas in the bathroom as well 😉 (you never know). You bet writers and designers are quirky people. Their minds never rest, and they are constantly planning how to execute something! So, if you are dating or living with us, or are planning to sign up lifelong deals with us, you better prepare yourself ;-).

download (1)

Image: Clipart Library

Keeping aside, the jokes part, my point is for how long do we need to do this? I mean suppressing our appetites, killing our desires, shattering our tiny dreams? What about our emergency expenditure? We have worked for ages, and we felt happy only because we have been appreciated and our morality has been boosted up a little bit.

The companies and the business enterprises grew strong, enjoying the fruits of our hard work. I am not saying that it is a single effort. Of course, it is a collective work and the effect of a smooth collaboration. But, the business owners will deny that. They will convince you, that you have zero contribution to their growth, and it is only the result of their smart moves and incredible brains.


Image: 123RF.com

Dear writers, please don’t trust them. They are lying. They are cool with paying the artists and entertainers (the known faces), even by selling their own clothes :p. But, when the need to pay the brain behind this amazing creation, they hesitate. They are scared of experimenting, of losing money, even though nobody knows the secret spell of creating a successful film!


Image: Cartoon Motivators

Even though the film industry is one of the most lucrative industry, it is always similar to gambling. For every writer or director, whatever outcomes they generate are obviously the effects of their best inputs. Even then, a novel fails to generate the desired emotional response; or a film fails to make its way into the Hundred Crores Club. That is because; nobody actually owns the success spell. They are able to touch it, only occasionally!

Does that imply that the writer or the filmmaker is incapable? Of course not! Everybody is talented, and are working hard to find the spell, and they need strong finances for that. It’s high time, that the companies and the business owners realize this. Otherwise, if the writers or designers start backing out, they will find themselves in deep holes, shortly!


Image: Myth Understanding

As for the writers, who are yet to receive a huge lump sum amount from a media company or a production house, go ahead and make your claims, because it’s the year end! He or she is just your partner or boss, not your master. Before the New Year Sun starts shining brightly across the sky, let’s take a pledge, to focus more on ourselves, the coming year.

Let’s stop hurting ourselves. No more skipping meals, no more sleepless nights. We deserve a better life and a constant flow of creative juices in the New Year 2019! As for me, I will continue to blog, ceaselessly, with these friends of mine :p


Image: Lifehacker

I have already started making claims. When will you? Please share inspiring stories with me, if you have succeeded in achieving your targets in 2018. Sharing is caring, and it really motivates everybody 🙂

PS: The last image is from  the 2015 Disney Pixar filmInside Out.” These folks represent the emotions inside our head :D. Do catch it in Netflix, if you haven’t yet.



#couplenametags: And They Lived Happily Ever After!

The year 2018 is nearing its end. The New Year is waiting patiently at the door, with fresh hopes, dreams, and achievements. It’s the time, to release all your negativity and all the things, that have been holding you back from being yourself! I offer my best wishes to all my friends, who have found their soulmates this year, and are enjoying the Christmas with their loved ones. A lot of my friends entered into final commitments this year; a lot of promises have been exchanged; a lot of dreams have been fulfilled already, while some await patiently at the door, for the New Year!


Image: Pngtree

The year 2018, also saw a lot of Bollywood celebrities tying knots with their loved ones, and entering into lifetime commitments. For many people, the term ‘lifetime commitment,’ however, sounds like an oxymoron. And if they are from the entertainment industry, they find it rather funny. They think, that majority of the people from the entertainment industry prefer flings over long-term commitments; which is a very mean and judgmental assumption, for me.

Astonishingly, the same group of people are over-enthusiastic about the big fat Bollywood weddings, like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh or Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas!


Image: The Indian Express

I realize, they dwell in the world of glitz and glam, in their fantasies. They are less realistic and humane, about feelings. Celebrities are more of showpieces or models for them (not role models though), and they need to continuously present their lives as fairy tales, no matter how difficult times they might be going through. Common people equate money and fame, with heaven (maybe because they have none).

Unfortunately, the grass is always greener on the other side. In their dire attempts to protect their public images, and to present their lives perfectly, the celebrities go through hell at times. The case is pretty similar to that of Princess Mia, of “Princess Diaries. ” She has to portray herself as perfect, even though she is actually a flawed person, unlike her perfect grandmother, the queen of Geneva!


Image: BoredPanda

Whether a person is born with a talent, or they have earned it through their hard work; the main point is that they are in that position today, and they have all been through hell, to be where they are. Financial problems (no matter how poor or rich a person is, this problem is unavoidable), fear of being left alone or unable to fit in; maintaining the fake smile all the time (no matter where they are dwelling in their mind), and the list goes on.


Image: Thrillist

And if they find a decent friend or a helping hand, to support them emotionally, they turn into topics of gossip! So, basically, it is the celebrities of our country, who are living a very hush-hush lonely private life, that I call “darr darr ke, marr marr ke jeena.”

Yet, some of them, rebel against these age-old traditions and customs and try desperately to be themselves. And I really salute these two Bollywood actresses, for being bold and fearless divas, amidst the stereotypical society.


Image: dailymotion.com

In a country like India, it takes immense courage to come up, in front of the world and talk about mental health. Through her film, Dear Zindegi, director Gauri Shinde tried her best, to make it comprehensible for the ordinary people, that mental health of a person is equally vital as their physical health. Unfortunately, the film could generate a desirable impact among, only a handful of people, who actually watched the film patiently. However, a powerful iDiva or Vogue video featuring either of these two divas could have easily generated a lot of impact among the youths, because they are the faces of Bollywood! They mean sheer perfection!


Image: Kelly Abeln

I completely encourage worshiping any celebrity, artist or anybody who inspires people. But, what hurts my eyes the most is when I find cheap memes, and posts highlighting the celebrities or a detailed post-mortem of their personal lives. That seems so jobless to me! Take for instance the recent name change of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, to Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Instagram.

The day I heard that she has tied the knot, I saw her gorgeous wedding images and I forgot about it. I also read the news, that she has changed her name in her Instagram profile. I somehow didn’t feel odd. I mean what’s wrong in adopting my husband’s name if I consider my husband to be the valuable asset of my life? Maybe they found their soulmates in each other, and are now celebrating their union in a grand way! How does it, matter if she is ten years elder or younger than her spouse, as long as they are happy, and killing it in the trendy wedding outfits? Okay, she had some other plans previously; the recent experiences have been so overwhelming for her, that she couldn’t stick to her previous opinions! Maybe, the couple is so exhausted in the process of finding each other, that they just want to stay with each other a little longer, than forever?


Image: The National Psychologist

As they have tied knots recently, they too have their #couplegoals!


Image: cheap-neckties.com

They too, are humans, full of emotions; (and you can trust me with this), they are truly humans made of flesh and blood. Even they feel bad or low, no matter how stunning they look on the magazine covers, ramps or sets! The greenrooms and makeup vans are ultimately the places, where they spend hours, dreaming of a vacation with their loved ones. When they meet their loved ones after ages, they often go overboard, like Instagraming cute images with their husbands or boyfriends, swapping their names, or creating a new hashtag, with their names! Technically, that’s how we have invented Jalena (Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez)! (Think about it ;-))

download (1).jpg

Image: Twitter

Point is, how does it matter, why they do it! They are doing whatever makes them happier because they are already happy; unlike the losers, who point fingers at them! So, instead of behaving like the local CCTV aunties (as my friend posted on Facebook), it’s high time that the Bollywood enthusiasts start acting sensibly! If you don’t have positive vibes, please ignore the ones who have it!

As for the Bollywood Celebrities and all my friends, who tied their knots this year, or are planning to tie knots soon, as well as the ones who have entered into new commitments, I wish them good luck, with all my heart, because the real-life romantic tales inspire me the most!

Oh, it’s the New Year! I am sure; my country can do better, in 2019!



#redeifiningbeauty: There is an innocent child inside you!

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”


Even though we have all come across this famous quote since our childhood, most of us have interpreted it in different ways, all our lives. For some people, the notion of beauty implies aesthetic satisfaction or inspiration; while for others, it implies an innocent heart.


Image: VectorStock

As a child, we were all attracted to colorful, shiny or glittery objects. Even though we were repeatedly taught at the primary schools, “all that glitters is not gold,” we never paid heed to those golden words; until we made mistakes, and we learned from our personal experiences.


Images: VectorStock

Like any ordinary normal teenager, I too was attracted to the materialistic world. I considered myself to be a fashion and beauty enthusiast from a tender age. And being the youngest girl of my big fat Bengali family, I was perhaps the most pampered girl of our group. When my mother turned me down for something, I always knew must be someone around the house, who will get me that thing. However, my parents were very strict about handing me cash; and my mother had enough time to even monitor, how many eclairs I consumed, throughout the month!


Image: Everyday Love Art

Thankfully, I had my grandparents. To be honest, my mother wanted a son, before she had me. Not because she was a sexist, but because she was already struggling hard to fight the world with a daughter. She needed a strong and dynamic personality, to support her, and she had no idea how to find one. So, she imagined that a son will be better, than another daughter (keeping aside the asset-liability equation).


Image: Shop for Cliparts

When I was a baby girl, my mother liked to camouflage the signs that distinguished me from a male child. By that time, she had accepted her fate and me. I tried to present myself even stronger than I was, to achieve the position and I ultimately made it. But, she never liked me dressing up like a grown girl. She liked me, as I was- the ultimate messy girl!


Image: Uncyclopedia – Fandom

She had a strong dislike towards my taste, and she criticized almost everything I bought from the market. Usage of makeup was already prohibited in our home because my mother made up certain rules like:

#Lipsticks turn your lips dark and dry, so apply Vaseline or moisturizer. Plus, you must not put on lipsticks until you are eighteen (unless there were any special occasions).

#Foundation or extra-whitening stuff were meant only for the stage. In our everyday life, we just need a healthy and supple skin, a natural glow not artificial.


Image: 123RF.com

#Chemicals make our skin dry and dull. We need to take care of our skin naturally, using organic products that were inexpensive as well.


Image: Ecosites

#Salon services can be availed, only after eighteen.

Because I wanted to impress my mother all my life, I had somehow accepted these rules even though I wasn’t fully convinced. Besides, no matter how cool or funky I wanted to be outside my school premises, I had to remove my nail polishes, fancy earrings or even colorful lip balms every night before school.


Image: kissclipart.com

That was a huge toil! Otherwise, we had very strict codes of punishments in our school that were embarrassing as well. So, I rather focused in collecting unique accessories, junk jewelry, and body piercings (I could hide this easily :-p).

On the other hand, my father is a spiritual man with a very weak connection to the materialistic world.


Image: 123RF.com

Since my childhood, he kept explaining me that the outside world doesn’t matter; the appearance of a person doesn’t matter if a person is beautiful from inside. Thanks to my spiritual guide, my search for beautiful souls began from an early age.


Image: vectorstock.com

 Unlike my father, I wasn’t experienced and wise. So, I started meeting people with an open mind, and I found everybody beautiful, in some way or the other.  When I expressed my feelings towards them, I felt, that I found real connections and bondings, which will last forever. Unfortunately, all the connections didn’t work out ultimately due to other factors like stress hormones, distance and time. But, I eventually realized what attracts me the most in a person. It is not only the intellectual conversations or aesthetic satisfaction but the innocence. I realized that every person has a hidden child inside them. It just needs the right company, encouragement and the positive vibe to show up in front of the world. I tried to work extra time on myself, to be that person for everyone.


Image: Freepik

I realized, investing ten grands in a salon service is required to soothe our aesthetic satisfaction. We feel good, when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We want to hide our scars, pain and personal experiences as we put on the confident smile to face the world. We want to forget the wicked selves and the entire process that turned us ruthless and less compassionate. We want to unleash the child within ourselves, every day as we wake up. And the people, who bring out the best in us are our soulmate connections, our BFFs, boyfriends or husbands!


Image: pngtree.com

So, rather than continuing my searches for true beauty, I now try to be that person, who can unleash the innocent child within every person I meet. Because I now believe, that every single soul in this planet has an innocent child caged inside them. And I often equate innocence, charity, truth and compassion with beauty!


Image: alliswall.com

However, master Keats says “ Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” and how can I disagree with him!

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.

Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.

Presenting Naturals TRUE BEAUTY… http://bit.ly/naturalsOF 

#smartwearables: Make the most of your productive time!

With the booming of the start-ups and small business enterprises across India over the past few years, time-management has become an essential factor for the youths of the country. Since majority of the business organizations, these days rely on mobility solution systems and seamless connectivity, the thin line between the personal and professional lives of an employee or a candidate is gradually blurring out. Even if they get paid for investing ten hours in their office, their social lives and personal spaces are often lost due to work pressure. For a workaholic person like me, working and researching from home initially seemed to be an amazing opportunity, to indulge in creativity almost 24*7, without any disturbance.


Image: 123rf.com

However, after some time, when my finances started to grow weak, I realized that I have been investing too much of myself in something, that was probably unnecessary. The CEO of my previous company had explained me elaborately, about the value of effective time management. I eventually realized, that he was actually correct. Unless and until I find time for myself, and invest time to nurture my intellect, I can never come up with fresh ideas. Needless to say, none of the scripts I tried to write during the phase of my financial crisis ultimately worked out! I realized, I too need consistent breaks from work.

Even eminent filmmakers like Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh used to spend at least four hours a day, reading and thinking before they started their regular chores. I realized, this is why these people were the masters. They have never compromised with their own routines. They knew perfectly, how to maintain the work-life balance!


 Image: 123RF.com

As a content developer and blogger, I think I have written at least ten blogs, advising people to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But, when it came to the application part, I failed miserably. I sat working at home for hours, eating junks that I mostly ordered online and I gained a lot of weight. I became homesick. I started ditching meetings, simply because I had to leave my home. From a flexible western dancer, I turned into a super lazy full-time procrastinator.


Image: kissclipart.com

It was during the last year December, that my cousin sister presented me a Smart Wearable device and I love gifts :-p. I had to flaunt it. Since my previous smartphone was stolen at that time, I decided to get an iPhone and use the smartwatch. However, this simple step really sped up my life miraculously.

tenor.gifImage: Tenor

Because of my financial situation, I was earlier thoughtful about investing money into any lavish gadgets. But, when I received the iPhone at my doorstep, I felt that it was really essential :-p. However, my investment in the new phone turned out to be really productive for me.  With the Smart Wearable device connected to my iPhone, I can access all the calls, read all the texts and set up alarms and reminders. I no longer miss any important emails or deadlines because of the seamless connectivity!


 Image: EZ Canvas

As a small scale business owner, I realized that client calls are really essential. Since I have spent almost thirteen years working with international clients, the task of answering a call often bored me. I preferred to answer my clients over emails or Whatsapp, rather than Skype or even regular calls. But, I realized that I was losing clients for this habit. My clients will no longer rely on me unless I am always accessible for them. Besides, majority of the Indian entrepreneurs prefer calling or Face timing over emails and Whatsapp. I realized that soon, as I tried to reach my younger brother (who is currently based in Delhi) for a designing project. He ditched my Whatsapp text and tried to call me immediately because he was already overloaded with three designing projects at that moment. He just wanted a short brief of five minutes over the phone. So, I set up a routine, when I will make the tiresome client calls, no matter what happens and I will not attend these business calls throughout the day. When I explained this to my existing clients, I realized that they felt comfortable and happy with this arrangement.


Image: Shutterstock

As I started taking calls at that particular time period and replying my emails and WhatsApp texts immediately, more opportunities opened up doors for me. I realized that communication is actually the key and sharing is really caring. My clients call me, not only to brief about their business operations or projects; sometimes they call me for advice, suggestions or opinions as well. They genuinely want to share their bad experiences or achievements with me, in order to feel motivated and to motivate me as well. Needless to say, I also feel happy, useful, productive when my clients are happy, working with me.


Image: Freepik

In a nutshell, my two smartwatches along with my all new iPhone worked miraculously for me. I have learned, and I am still learning effective time management with it and have unknowingly joined the #GetFitWithFlipkart movement. I have reduced my flabs and now I feel a lot more confident when I have to rush for even two or three meetings a day. On my way, I keep socializing and connecting with the like-minded people and that not only uplifts my self-esteem but also motivates me to do better things, all day long.


Image: VectorStock

 So, I wonder, if a simple smartwatch can do so many wonders, what do the Smart Home solutions do! They must be the most effective ways of managing time and energy, without compromising with the home interior. I am desperate to try out the Smart lights as I shift to my new home in the New Year! Let’s see what happens :-D.

So, for my readers, join the #SmartHomeRevolution with Flipkart and be smart!


Image: Exchange4media


#fangirlmoment: A Memorable Evening With The Director, Sangeeta Datta, Sondher Pakhi: Bird of Dusk

It has been almost a month after Jio MAMI 2018Jio MAMI 2018, and it is now that I am writing about the Bird of Dusk. This is because the overall experience was so mesmerizing and inspiring, that my brain desperately needed sufficient time, to absorb it, in order to pen them in words. It was after all a #fangirlmoment for me. All my life, I haven’t even dreamed of meeting the Associate Director, and one of the close friends of director Rituparno Ghosh, director Sangeeta Datta!


Image: Scroll.in

The man, who means so much to me! The man, so close to my heart that I can go overboard about him anytime, anywhere!


Image: Amino Apps

When I first heard about the Bird of Dusk, from my senior cum mentor (who also happens to be the editor of the film) I felt excited about the project, simply because it was about Ghosh. I had little idea about the director or the crew or any of the core members of the film. Naturally, I expected it to be a boring documentary about his life or so.


Image: TellyChakkar

Unlike my senior, Mr. Subhajit Prasad, who calls himself an independent filmmaker, I am more interested in fiction. Well, we already have the mundane daily routine. So, I feel we need some Unicorns and a dash of magic to spread some positivism around. So, documentaries often bore me, unless they are as spine-chilling as Night and Fog.

In fact, this is also my primary area of difference with Prasad, and we are poles apart. If he is more into non-fiction, I am totally into fiction; if he is into romantic comedies or say action genre, I am more of a dark person interested in psychological thrillers! But, this film is more than just an ordinary documentary! This film was more of a spiritual lesson for me. I could see a reflection of myself in multiple ways through the film.


Image: Bollywood Journalist

Honestly, even I have spent 28 years, asking myself the same questions again and again! And often I lacked enough clarity to answer those questions, which Ghosh did boldly, in front of the entire world. He spoke boldly about the futility of human lives; he spoke about the true purpose of an artist or a creator. When I watched him speaking those words in the darkroom, I felt tremendously empowered, and needless to say inspired. I felt, even though I might have watched that interview or that footage earlier, but they are worth viewing more than once. They are worth viewing almost every day; and the compilation of the interview footages worth special deserve here.


Image: indiatoday.in

Then there were those sections of that film, which mellowed my heart. “ Bonomali tumi, poro jonome hoyo radha..” played in background, and I could feel my heart pounding. It evoked so many emotions in me that I literally wanted to run out of the theater to calm down myself. I could see a reflection of myself in the screen, and that scared me. I am not strong enough, like the genius personality; to be able to show up in front of the entire world, and admit that I do not fit in.

“Fitting in” is all we have been trying to do, all our lives, even though we know, that we all are queer, in some ways or the other. And what happens when we fail to “fit in?” This fear of failure scare most of us and, we give up.


Image: The Indian Express

In short, the film talks pretty much about everything. From unrequited love to handling rejection; from (potential as well as ongoing) challenges of an artist to gender confusion or identity crisis; from creators block to self-redemption. After all, the film is all about a genius mind. A mind, that was capable of spreading a lot of love and positivity across the globe.

Unfortunately, despite his repeated urges for acceptance, the cruel world turned him down. He became a lonely and depressed soul. But, he never gave up. He connected with the like-minded people, the womenfolks.


Image: Hungama

I have always admired the man, for his women characters. However, when I first watched “Chokher Bali,” at a very tender age, I felt really angry with the director. I really loved the way Tagore portrayed the character of Binodini. A soul, so innocent, pure yet full of love! She was crafted with extra delicacy and thus she emerged as sheer perfection for me. At my sixth grade, I wanted to be as perfect as Binodini. So, I felt really uncomfortable to peep into her actual character or her desires. But, that was somehow how I grew more interested in Bengali films, particularly Ghosh’s.

By the time I started pursuing Masters in Film Studies, at Jadavpur University, I turned into a huge fan of not only director Rituparno Ghosh, or the youth icon but also the copywriter, the designer Rituparno Ghosh. I was working as a part-time copywriter at that time and I realized the importance of brevity and precision in the advertising industry! 😛

So, the moment I saw the trailer of the Bird of Dusk, I became desperate to watch this film. Needless to say, my senior knew how much I adore the man and that writing a 20 marks essay on director Rituparno Ghosh’s contribution in Bengali Cinemas actually fetched me the admission in Jadavpur University :-p. So, he invited me to watch the film at JIO MAMI 2018 and I went into a trance-like state.

Almost after spending two years in my dream city, Mumbai, working in my favorite profession (Research and Script Writing), I missed my city for the first time ever. How ironical it was for me, to experience the craze of Kolkata International Film Festival, sitting comfortably in a multiplex in Mumbai. Mumbai Multiplexes, during MAMI, function perfectly, unlike the massive mismanagement sessions that occur in Kolkata during KIFF.


Image: Googly365

But, Oh boy! That craze, that crowd, running from one theater to the next (because the theaters are thankfully close enough in Kolkata) within the scheduled time. The food, the festive vibe, the extravaganza! We need to dress up in sarees and bindis because the festival is here! The biggest festival, for most of the Bengalis residing in Kolkata, is undoubtedly, KIFF, after Durgapuja ;-).

Then the pictorial views of my university literally gave me goosebumps. I realized how badly I wanted to walk through those corridors, to touch the bench and to sit in those classrooms!

I take a lot of pride about the fact, that our department of Film Studies is just next to where genius minds like Amartya Sen, Rituparno Ghosh, and even the director Sangeeta Mam once used to sit and generate ideas. Well, it all starts from the classrooms after all! I consider myself immensely fortunate because I have the permission to enter that iconic building of Arts, of Jadavpur University for my entire life.

download (1)

Images: Wikimedia Commons

The green zones and the other parts of the campus, however, continue to open gates for anyone who wants to think, read, contemplate, exchange ideas or knowledge and to create, while experiencing the eco-friendly environment and soothing their eyes watching the lotus or the lilies.

download (2)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

So, I am really lucky and proud, to be a very tiny part of the incredible journey of the director Sangeeta ma’am and I also envy my senior, because he has been an integral part of the film. He was rather nervous. He didn’t realize the fact, that he was creating a history with the masters! A work to be cherished lifelong; a brief journey to be treasured forever!


Image: Firstpost

As for my senior, I think this is one of his best works till date. As his student, I had the opportunity to roam around the City of Joy for late night shoots, and I felt awestruck at the beauty of my own city. Every city has its own character, and my mentor has taught me how and where to find them. In this film, he has shown the audiences, exactly as he sees the city of Kolkata . ‘The same places, mundane streets can turn into incredible tales if you have the eyes’ is what he taught me for two years and he showed them exactly in this film.


Image: flickr.com

I found myself incredibly blessed that evening, to have the opportunity of dining with a charismatic personality, the director, Sangeeta ma’am (I am addressing her as ma’am because she is super senior to me) and I could only speak so little. I felt I wanted to listen to her more; about her experiences, her pain, her challenges as a woman filmmaker in India. What kept her going to stay this strong and to be able to fight back the challenges that came her way? I wanted answers, and I came back to listen to her Question-Answer session again the next day, and the next day as well!


Image: The Pioneer

As we all know, it is really difficult to release a documentary commercially in India, and unless you release your work, how do ordinary people like us access them! So, they took up this incredible task of initiating a change. Why do we all get to know that documentaries don’t have a market in India? Good documentaries have far-reaching effects that merely informing an audience. It is capable of evoking almost a spiritual experience among the audiences as this one did, in case of me.


Image: Pinterest

So, even though it is too late and the film is doing fairly well all over the world (it is going to almost all the festivals across the globe) I am writing this post to urge the Indian audiences, to catch the film as it reaches your nearby theaters shortly. I am sure most of the Bengalis, are eager for its theatrical release in Kolkata. And for the Bengalis settled abroad, you must not give it a miss, because you will literally drool over the amazing views of the city during the festive seasons. Not to mention, there are enough shots of Durgapuja and idol immersion, to keep you going for the next few years! 😛


Image: RadioBanglaNet

And, if you want to re-live my experiences at the JIO MAMI 2018, or listen to the amazing discussion sessions with the director or any other really important people, (who are an integral part of the film) you may check out this video!

I actually shot a few parts of her interview in my iPhone, so I know they are worth listening again and again. Lastly, I want to congratulate the entire team of the Bird of Dusk for their incredible creation and thank them for making me a tiny part of it!



#whocopiedwhat: Stop Judging and Start Creating!


“Good artists copy;

Great artists steal”

-Pablo Picasso

Over the past few days, the powerful Youtube Creators For Change videos had a deep impact in my brain. I have even forwarded the #nooffence video of Youtuber Prajakta Koli to my WhatsApp friends, and even shared the same on my Facebook wall. I was constantly humming the tune “#nooffence kehke bhag tu jayga..no offence kehke chup nehi payega.” Oh! What a lovely creation! So funny, yet packed with a powerful message; so aggressive, yet so compassionate!


Image : Hasshe

I hate to admit the fact, that I get goosebumps, every time I listen to her saying” I am a needle in the hay; I am a single sun-ray. I am a father, I am a sister; I am a band-aid on your blister. I dream to wake up one day, when I will be more than a hashtag or a social media drill…With a smile for a smile and a heart for a heart, the evolution of a new mankind will start.” She just speaks my mind!


Image: Dreamstime.com

I always appreciate our next generation, for managing to keep intact their innocence, even in such a harsh world. When people criticize them for doing what they love, they simply share those moments with the like-minded people, instead of explaining the others (that they have a great taste or something). That way, they gain more insights into their inner selves. And let’s face facts; they are the really happy people, without any negativity and full of enthusiasm. But, as always, being the elders, we get jealous of their happy lives, because we are unhappy!


Image: parentingtoday.us

We are old, cold and tired. The warmth of their heart melts us, and we are always scared of being left alone. The story is pretty similar, to that of Rapunzel. Her mother, actually represent all the elderly people-the auntyjees, the mummyjees, the bhabhijees, and the behenjees. Being scared of being left alone, we the elders always try to hold back our younger generations.


Image: boards.fireden.net

When we fail, we criticize them. We make fun of them, and their dreams to fly. We continue to do the same, until they give up. They grow up. As we find the reflections of ourselves in them, we feel satisfied. We feel, “ Oh! Look, what a lovely son or daughter we have raised.”


Image: Shutterstock

It is true, that we the adults kill the innocence of the little ones. Yet, they resist. They know how to fight back. Because, often, they have the backing of their pappajees! Yep! The fathers emerge as heroes, as they work hard day and night to preserve the innocence of their kids.


Image: Dreamstime.com

Even at the age of 28, I have no shame in admitting the fact, that even now, I always feel my father’s shield around me, whenever I find myself in trouble. All his life, my father has worked extra hard, just to make up for the time he has lost as a father, while performing his other role of being a responsible husband.

Even now, when I share a horrible incident (that happened to me) he knows perfectly how to divert my mind, to something else. He loves to narrate the fables, the famous tales of Ramakrishna and Shri Aurobindo Ghosh and of course, the Bard of Bengal, Tagore. The way he narrates the stories these days, it reminds me of my grandfather.


Image: 123rf.com

Oh, that reminds me! Yesterday, I watched another Youtube video, by a cool and famous Bong Guy, who considers himself so kewl that he dares to throw mud at the saint. Oh! Forgive me Mr. super cool Bong Guy, I have the typical middle-class sentiments attached to Mr. Rabindranath Tagore. Well, you see I grew up worshiping him, so it takes time, to re-imagine how cool you can be, that you could show up in front of the whole world, and accuse the Bard of Bengal of plagiarism!


Image: YouTube

Unfortunately, I come from the content industry. Being a writer, myself, I really understand the meaning of the word plagiarism. Oops! I almost forgot! I also have a master’s degree in Film Studies, from Jadavpur University. So, well, you know I understand “films” a little bit. Of course, nothing compared to you Mr. Super Kewl Bong Guy.

But, before we get to your qualifications, can you please introduce yourself? Ahem, well you must have at least a few Nobel Prizes or Oscars in your wallet? Oh! At least a Primetime Emmy Award for being the greatest comedian of the age? Oops! None! That’s too bad!


Image: Pinterest

Well, you see there is an old saying which says “empty vessels make the most noise,” and it turns out to be true even in the year 2018. To my favorite Youtube Star, Prajakta, well, you see the song you wrote seems apt for this kind of jerks: “ Har koi muh uthake banta famous, banta cool!” Yep! I love to dedicate this to the coolest guy of Bengal. 😉


Image: VectorStock

You think I am being too harsh, don’t you? So catch his latest video, where he slams all the Bengali directors and narrates his amazing discoveries. Oh! Well, he deserves extra points for his researches. But what he doesn’t know, is that judging people all your life, don’t take you a long way. We, the Bengalis, always make fun of ourselves. We call ourselves intellectuals and the know-it-alls, and that gives us the birthright to openly criticize, insult, or throw mud at ourselves (especially in public forums). Needless to say, the Youtube generation, is taking this legacy to a peak level, by showing up in front of the world and making fun of our own creations!

As for the eternal debate about plagiarism and inspiration, I will get to that in some other post

So, after watching that video, I felt so disappointed! Is this where Youtube is taking us?



Image: Tenor

Fortunately, my close friend is also an active Vlogger, Poonam Mondal Sharma Thanks to her, that I gained insights to the all new Youtube policies and I really respect them with my entire heart, for encouraging quality contents, instead of the clickbaits or the recycled stuff.

I also feel blessed, that I left my beloved City of Joy, almost two years back, because I think that was the best decision of my life. Mumbai taught me to value people, their efforts and hard works and to learn from them. Unlike Kolkata, where the GenX still prefers to sit back at home and throw mud at the popular Bengali directors, who are working hard just to keep the industry alive.  It is worth mentioning here, that the Bong Guy has little saying about the reception of these commercial  films!

To all the criticized filmmakers and artists across the globe, “they hate you because you act like you’re better than they are….” says George R.R. Martin, himself in his celebrated work, A Game of Thrones. So, the fight is on.


Image: Wishberry

Here is my next message, to all the Bong Guys:

Why are you always throwing mud at others? Look within you. Find a story. Tell that to the world, like what J.K Rowling has already done. There will be challenges, you have to face, like there has been, since the day you learned to stand up on your own feet. Get your weapons and be ready to create! You have a lot of resources already! Come on, show the world some positivism, and set examples for the Bengali directors? Or even any other upcoming poet of Bengal.


Image: Adobe Blog

Dear boys, the Bengali Film and Television industry needs you now, like never before.  Please join hands to keep the industry going, and growing!  Stop judging each other, and start creating! There are larger causes; we need to fight now in order to transform the world into  a better place.

Use your tools not to destroy, but to create! You have a voice, and every voice is valuable! Or else, “Your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth.” (Oops! I am so obsessed with GOT, that I can’t help quoting ;-))


Image: Tumblr

As for me, “ I wish I was the monster you think I am. “ ( *deep sigh, Tyrion Lannister, GOT ^_^ )

For my readers, please do watch this amazing video, by popular vlogger and the Youtube star, Prajakta Koli as she takes a toll on the internet haters, sexists and the homophobics, through her single video. 🙂






#internswanted: Behind The Amazing Learning Opportunities!

As a student, I have been very focused all my life. Like any other ordinary middle-class families, my father too encouraged me to focus on my education, rather than any extra-curricular activities or part-time jobs.

However, I was a very sensitive child. I felt ashamed to ask my parents for money, whenever I needed to indulge myself in any luxurious activities. Because I never had anything called pocket money, I had to ask my parents for money, every time I needed something. And, my father was very particular in monitoring what I was doing with the cash. So, every time I needed money, I had to explain myself to him.


Image: sokolvineyard.com

I felt very shy and awkward because most of the time, I needed cash to make other’s feel good. Be it the neighborhood cats or my classmates, I always had the urge to do something, which will make others feel good. So, most of the time, I had to steal from my father :-(.


Image: youtube.com

There are many shameful instances, when I was caught and was asked to justify my actions. It filled my heart with tremendous guilt and frustrations. They never understood, that I was just trying to spread some smile. My father even questioned me once “what sort of friends do you have, that you have to impress them for gaining their love?” So, I realized, I couldn’t let this happen to my friends. They were being misunderstood for no reason! It was my problem that I wanted to make people happy.

Fortunately, my father was very kind and patient towards me, despite his super busy schedule. He explained me with an extra dose of love, that it is not a wise idea to opt for charity with the money that is not a fruit of my hard work.


Image: Cheezburger

So, I decided to opt for part-time jobs. I was in my tenth grade when I took up the profession of writing at an entry level. I realized the importance of financial independence at a very early age and started working. When I completed masters, it was the actual show time, because by the time I have already gathered about ten years of solid writing experience.  I found no difficulty, in securing a full-time day job as a content developer or a copywriter, but the salary I was offered was like peanuts. I soon realized that the Indian organizations are paying almost half of what I could earn from my home if I worked for the foreign organizations. Plus, it obviously, saved a lot of travel time, money and energy. I could easily take a nap, whenever I felt that there was no work; or I could indulge in self-enrichment, rather than sitting at my boring desk, gossiping.


Image: Gifer

So, I spent almost two years working as a freelance journalist and content developer, right from the comfort of my couch. It then occurred to me, that maybe I was capable of doing better things than this. I realized that I needed more than the virtual fame and compliments. So, I began to explore the Indian film and television industry. My parents and my sister told me almost readily, that it was not a good idea.


Image: 123RF.com

A few months after stepping into the industry, I realized that they were right! Oddly enough, the Indian entrepreneurs these days no longer look for skilled, knowledgeable or experienced hands. They are constantly looking for interns! I started experimenting with my cover letter, and hey presto! I got a job in Mumbai, even though that wasn’t really a decent paying job, but I managed to survive. I realized, how important it was to shut my mouth and pretend to be a fresher. As for my appearance, even yesterday an interviewer from a reputable organization told me “Oh my god! You look like you are freshly out of college.”

download (1)

Image: 123RF.com

Sadly, when I told them about my writing experience of thirteen prolonged years, they ran out of words and they decided to put me on a regular language test that was meant for the interns or the freshers.  With a heavy heart, I completed the language test and left, because it was clear from their attitude, they could only afford to pay me the same amount they offer the freshers.


Image: Climb Credit Blog

In fact, a few months back, when I was an integral part of a prestigious organization, I had the opportunity to call and interview a few candidates. I got an insight into the recruitment process, and I realized that the Indian organizations are moving towards quantity, instead of quality.

They prefer to call in ten interns, instead of one experienced person, absolutely free of cost. All it requires is a certificate, and they can completely enslave the candidates. They can pressurize the ones, who are freshly out of college to the extreme level by simply naming it as an amazing learning opportunity!

download (2)

Image: Internshala blog

In fact, some of the organizations don’t even have the decency, to offer those students the travel and food expenses. When the top notch companies screen the resumes of the students, they inevitably conduct a background check, in order to handpick those candidates, whose families can afford to sponsor them, so that they can focus completely in the growth of the reputed Indian organizations.

Oh wait! And what about the personal growth of the intern or the candidate? That is certainly, not there in their priority list!

The moment an intern or a fresher starts talking back, they know that their expiry date is approaching. They will be immediately be replaced, by another quiet, hardworking and obedient intern, the moment they realize that they could be a valuable resource for an organization. Even though this system might seem to be profitable for the Indian organizations, it cannot be the ultimate solution.

Unless they realize the value of an experienced and skilled professional, they will continue to pester the interns or the freshers; and because all of them are not ready to deal with the work stress, they perish. They are left with no social life or friends, and they plunge into depression. Some, even die at an early age due to stress related health hazards.


On the other hand, the organizations too will continue to suffer major losses. Hiring ten interns instead of one skilled professional might seem to be a lightning deal, but none of them have the right tools or resources to complete the task within the deadline. And even if they succeed in doing so, after several brainstorming sessions and sleepless nights, the contents they end up creating, might not be able to create the desirable impact. As a result, many Indian media companies and organizations had to shut down their operations, over the past few months because no matter what content they are delivering, the audiences or the readers feel like “been there done that.”

download (3)

Image: Inc42

As for the skilled, educated and experienced professionals, one can be sure, that they will never be out of job or business. With the booming of the social media platforms and foreign companies investing in the Indian markets, a really talented individual has no reason to moan or cry for a reputable organization to hire them.

They are quite capable of creating their own brands and killing it. Plus, the Indian government is working overtime to improve the lives of small-scale entrepreneurs and women creators.  All it takes is courage, to step out of the line and make a difference and the Indian professionals are getting there slowly.

download (4)

Image: BGlam.com

So, it is actually the large-scale business owners (who intend to run their companies by exploiting the talented youths) who should be worried about being out of business and not the experienced professionals.

So, here’s my message for all the talented youths of the country “if you have it, flaunt it!” because, it is almost a now or never situation.  😉


Image: Reliance Money

#listentome: I am really bad at public speaking!

‘Is there anybody there?’ he said.

But no one descended to the Traveller;

   No head from the leaf-fringed sill

Leaned over and looked into his grey eyes,

   Where he stood perplexed and still.


Like the fairy tale princesses who were forbidden to step out of their wonderful castle gardens, I grew up in a protected and lovely environment of a Bengali joint family. Being the youngest member of our family, I always had the privilege to “listen” to everybody.


Image: YouTube

Be it my bossy elder sister or my runaway mommy (I call her this because she is always on a rush); be it, my super patient grandfather or my beloved uncle, everybody said: “listen to me.” And I started listening to people.


Image: Pngtree

By listening, I don’t just mean listening. I mean actually getting myself into the other person’s shoes and being empathetic. That is what I picked up from the fairy tales, to be “empathetic”.  The more I listened to problems, the more I tried to help people, and needless to say, most of the time, it always turned out to be a disaster!


Image: iLikeSticker.com

So, people eventually began to give up on me. By then, I have fully mastered the art of getting into the other person’s psyche. But, people have already started to abandon me, considering me completely hopeless. And I can assure you, that I am really a champ, at making other people realize that I am completely hopeless! :-p


Image: youtube.com

So, I had to find a new project, to invest myself. Besides, I decided to no longer dwell in this mundane Earth, full of Muggles. Ah! These people, they don’t even believe in magic. So, while I waited eagerly for my letter from at least some E-graded version of Hogwarts, I found a new friend! Oh yes! I needed a cute little fur ball like that of Hermione’s Crookshanks! And we became best friends.


Image: Dreamstime.com

With enough dose of positivism, I became ready to face the world. The mundane old daily routine turned exciting because I had my new best friend to share all my secrets. I realized that was way too better than communicating with people. Humans can be really mood sensitive. They can bring out their inner Demon or Mother Mary, as per their moods.

Cats, on the other hand, are transparent. Either they are angry or they are not. They don’t hold back their emotions, for seeking revenge later like the humans. They can be super-supportive, even though that might benefit them in the long run. I see no harm in this; after all, as leaders, we should encourage everybody to grow.  They understand our needs perfectly.

Any cat person would agree with me that cats share a unique understanding with their owners. Like humans, they are too sensitive, touchy and possessive about their belongings, but they can share them with only their loved ones.


Image: dreamstime.com

My cat and I shared an eternal bond. Both of us have witnessed a lot of turmoils together. Our cozy sofa, bed and then the entire house was gone.


Image: We Heart It

Oh boy! We had so much memories, in every corner of our home. Humans have a lot of ways to deal with emotions, and the most powerful mediums of all are words. But pets don’t have this unique power. So my cat died in an accident, almost a year after we left our home.

Our home was just too old, so the elderly people decided, that it needed a renovation, so that it could include more people in that space. How mean? They only thought about the accommodation of the humans and not about the other living creatures, residing in that place.


Image: WPClipart

Many of the humans got formal notices, to be signed by the elders. But, like me, my cat and other creatures were in the darkness too.

So, even though I was eventually able to understand and make out what elders were thinking, my cat couldn’t bear the pain. He decided, that his role on this planet was over!

I pity my little boy, for his mistrust towards me. I could have accommodated him anyhow, with all my love. But, he chose not to trust me. So, that left me in a sheer state of shock and disbelief, and I became “comfortably numb.”


Image: Drawception

Back in my college days, my professor told us while teaching linguistics, that “words can be deceiving.”I realized this soon, as I spoke with people and was almost readily misunderstood.

With my cat gone, I had to find a way of communicating with the humans! So, I took up the subject of emoticons very seriously :-p. A lot of people call me the living emoticon, but I love the fact, that I am still transparent enough, like my little cat, to be able to communicate to people via emoticons. 😀


Image: Iconfinder

Alas! Emoticons cannot be used while public speaking, and so I am really bad in it! I have to learn the art of deceiving people, in order to be successful? Ohhhh No! I choose to blog about anything and everything that bothers me :-).


Image: Maryah Stevens

And the person, who never asked me to “listen to” him for the past 28 years, says that he has faith in me! Yep, that is my father and I am so lucky to have him in my life 😀


Image: Pngtree

PS: In my mind, he is still the hero, so he is young, handsome and all powerful to carry me :-D.


#hapybirthdaybff- Beyond The Thin Line Between Friendship and Enmity!

On the 5th of a sacred December, my bestie was born, about 29 years ago. We met at the age of sixteen, at the high school and took almost no time to realize that we were soulmates!


Image :VectorStock

Whenever either of us felt like “Oh! Where have you been all these while?” the other one replied, “calm down, I am right here, now and forever.”  Yes, that is how our long and strong friendship of thirteen (unlucky! Yep! :-() years started blossoming.


Image: Society19

Yet, in the year 2018, when we have all grown up, our bonds grew weak slowly. Our connections started to loosen up over distance and time. Yet, the soulmates stood there tight and warm out in the wood against the storms.


Image: Shutterstock

But, for some reason, they fail! The failure leaves so many scars, and wounds that it would perhaps require another life to heal.


Image: angrylittlegirls.com

So, the soulmates turn into their enemies instead! From dedicating their favorite songs to each other, they began to defend themselves and their actions, during the storm. Even though nobody ever asked either of them to justify, they began to explain themselves, that they were both right, in their own ways!

Illustration of angry girl. Vector illustration. Romantic greeting cards.

Image: es.123rf.com

So, that brings in the questions, then who was wrong? Or what actually went wrong?

Well! Not all of us notice, that women often have a lot of other mediums to communicate messages to our A-listed guys (in this case, the term guys is uni-sexual, i.e. free from any gender bindings). That is because, we always try and most of the time succeed in accomplishing our goal of connecting with the inner souls. Many of us strongly believe, that “talking our heart out,” solves about eighty percent of the problem, and might even turn out to be table turners in the long run.


Image: iStock

Most of the men I know, including my father, brother and a couple of friends  I own, think that my decision to help a person in evolving, via talking is a fool’s paradise. Well, I have my way of dealing with people and most of the time I have succeeded in the same!

If women are from Venus, then I was taught, somewhere, someday, in my past life that ‘communication is the key.’  It sounded like “ Alohomora” to my ears!


Image: Giphy

Oh! How magical it sounded! But, Alas! Most of the men I know, will not even listen to this. They call  this gibberish, and me? “impractical” obviously ;-).

Getting back to the point, that night, when the storm took place, the soulmates ( whom people often used to mistake as twin sisters..and they used to giggle all the time ^_^) had no time to communicate. It was quite obvious because all the signals had misfired that night, due to the storm.


Image: YouTube

All the words, that were said, sounded like they meant just the opposite. In fact, their last words, love, and blessings towards each other backfired, and returned towards them as curses and hatred towards each other!

Two angry girls fighting

Image: 123RF.com

Fortunately, back in our planet Venus, we were taught a secret means of communicating with our soulmates; and I think we must have mastered the art ourselves ( me and my bestie of course :-)), because even though the storm tore us apart, and we don’t even know where we have left the tiny pieces of each other’s hearts, so that we could fix them…we somehow, managed to send each other the basic message, or blessing, that we want each other to be happy! 🙂


Image: BayArt

Sure, she was my sister from another mother! Be it together, be it away from me, I always bless my bestie, with all my heart to be the queen of her world.  As I am nestled cozily in my bed, and I watch the pretty high school films and fairy tales, I miss her. Of course, I miss my bestie. It keeps me wondering, “ Oh! Will Christmas ever be magical again without you?” Will the new year again commence with enough dose of positivism and undiluted fun?

” Oh! I have no idea!”


Image: IMDb

All my life, I have admired the Sagittarians. They are super people! They are genius, they are pretty, they are charming, charismatic, understands words and how to play with them, they are kind, generous, compassionate, yet cunning to protect their loved ones. Phew…In short, they are the real queens. I have met quite a few December-borns, and I admire most of them. There is always so much, to learn from them. They inspire me, they nurture me, and they nourish my intellect. Needless to say, my bestie was one of them.

Everything was fun when she was around. Being punished, being beaten at home, cell phones ceased, missing the first common language classes (of course), munching our lunches together as soon as the teacher turned around..crying across the bed for hours, she just knew what could make me happy!


Image: Shuttercock

Hugging each other for hours, when nobody was around, because we always knew we understood each other, and our needs perfectly. Hiding liquors from our parents and trying it together..arranging every goddamn junk food, to be tried late night with bestie! Because that time, starting from the witching hour, will be completely ours!


Image: Colourbox

We will talk our heart out (most of the time, she listened to only a few lines, and imagined the rest..) clicking a hell lot of selfies, laughing our heart out, dancing like a mad person, rolling around the bed and what not! Ah! She just made sleepovers craziest ones! And now, when we no longer need to hide around, we are old enough to drive our own cars to the Neverlands, we are no longer voyaging together.


Image: Pinterest

On my bestie’s birthday, I write this letter, to dear Santa, to bless my angry little princess, to grow up steadily into a mature Queen.


Image: Alamy

She has the bravest heart of a warrior, and the compassionate heart of Mother Mary! She is the ultimate gifted person, I know. The perfect example of “beauty with brains.” She just needs a little brushing up, and she will shine brightly across the sky!I love her, with all my heart. Whatever she has wished for me, even while bidding adieu is slowing coming true! Alas! She is not with me to celebrate my success or witness failure!


Image: Pinterest

Since she was born on the sacred month itself, I guess, she will be lucky enough to be blessed quickly.  So, I sing for her, this Christmas month:

A baby girl being blessed by a priest on her forehead


Image: Vector Toons

“Look up child, ayy
Look up-

You’re not threatened by the war
You’re not shaken by the storm
I know You’re in control..”

-Look Up Child, Lauren Daigle