A murderer in my society


Ever since my childhood, I have been called a Catwoman, because I feel so connected with cats. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like other pets! Ever since the day I shifted in Bombay, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I will be residing in a pet-friendly society. In this short span of few months, I have witnessed numerous puppies being born; and growing up steadily. They seemed really happy in this place because all the residents love them; the kids play with them and often tie the similar ribbons in their necks, to ensure that they are the residents of our society.

Over the past few weeks too, a newly turned mother took shelter outside my room in the corner of a garden. And I took the responsibility to call her and feed her daily because she was not in favor of leaving her puppies alone even for a moment.


I did this because the possibility of life always delights me, and every day when I woke up, I could see the mother cuddling her pups (who were merely tiny lumps of flesh).

The happy family

Yesterday when I made three fresh rotis for her and called her desperately, she was not responding. She merely looked at me and made weird sounds. I felt alarmed, and I went to see her today. The watchman told me that all the seven puppies died for some unknown reason. The chilly winter cannot be the reason because it’s not that cold in Mumbai. Besides, I also provided them clothes for warmth. We have no clue for the deaths, but the mother is so heartbroken that she is sitting there till now, unwilling to move even an inch, moaning. I went to her, cuddled her; she responded, but refused the food and went back to the same position again after few seconds.

The lonely mother

On the other hand, yesterday two little puppies were sleeping in front of our gate hugging each other for warmth. A car simply pestered them off right in front of my eyes, leaving the area blood-stained. The puppies were still trying their best not to die! I stood there helpless with two watchmen..The driver however left immediately for his cosy home without even trying to detect why all the dogs of our society started moaning all of a sudden. I felt so bad; I couldn’t help my tears. I couldn’t eat dinner, called my mother, howled and finally managed to narrate the entire story.

In most of the cases, I am hardly affected by deaths because it seems to be a natural phenomenon to me. But, this is gruesome! This is a murder of two innocent souls, even before they tasted adulthood. I don’t know how people can be so inhuman, and animals so compassionate and humane! Even today, after the removal of their bodies, our society bears testimony of this horrible incident (or murder) with blood stains all over the area.

Dear Murder, I completely understand that you are in a rush because you have a hectic schedule. But, is it more important than two innocent lives? I mean (quoting Tyrion Lannister) ‘Death is so final, while life is full of possibilities.‘ If you have to impress your girlfriend or spouse, try it on the highways! Why on Earth would someone fly their cars inside the society!

It’s the Christmas month, and I have seen nine innocent deaths, four days prior to Christmas. I don’t know why, but I am getting such a negative vibe, which is making me cranky and low-spirited!

May the Lord forgive our sins. Amen!




Weaving Our Magical Stories With Colgate

This is a post that has been created with the space characters from the three packs of the all-new Colgate Magical Space Adventure. However, my little brother is too young to fill up the loopholes in the story, and that is where I have stepped it. Thanks to Colgate, I have got the chance to discover how creative my little brother could be! Here is our story; I am calling it ‘our’ because I have helped him to pick the right words for narrating the story:

Raman’s Little Space Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a five years old boy Raman who was always bullied in school and neighborhood by their friends, because he was physically week compared to the other children. One day, while he was returning home from school, he found a weird looking ring in the corner of the street. He immediately picked it up and carried it home (he was very fond of glittering things). At night when his parents sent him to bed, he took it out and started wiping it with a fresh cloth, and he suddenly discovered that there is a secret button hidden inside the ring.
No sooner did he press the ring, he could hear a female voice that stated that our Earth is in danger. The aliens have decided to take over planet Earth, and will eventually turn the human beings into their slaves. Little Raman immediately ran to his parents to narrate the entire event, but much like any other fantasy films they laughed at him and told him to go to bed, and they will talk about it the next morning.
Raman lay wide awake in bed throughout the night, waiting to discuss the matter with his parents. But, when he tried to talk about it the next morning he ended up getting a great deal of scolding from his mother (while his father still lay asleep). Raman thus decided to take charge of the situation all by himself. As he got ready for the school (the school was close to his place, and he walked to school every day with his friends), he put on the new ring too. The following morning, Raman did not accompany his friends to school. Instead, he took a different path, which leads to the dense forest at the top of the hill.
When he reached a safe spot (so that no one could discover him), he pressed the button on his finger to communicated with Mollie, the strange little girl from the planet Mars. She informed Raman that there is no more time to be wasted and they have to start their secret invasion immediately. Raman said that he was completely clueless how he could help Mollie. Mollie answered him back, she had dropped the ring to be picked up by a creature, who is kind and has a brave heart with the indomitable desire to save their home planet; and by the aid of their advanced brain analytic device, they have discovered that both the qualities were present in Raman.
After that, Mollie guided Raman through a secret passage at the end of the woods. The passage appeared to be a simple rabbit hole to young Raman, but he stepped inside it because he had faith in Mollie, the advanced creature of Mars. To his great surprise, the passage ultimately leads to a tiny door.
As Raman opened the door a little bit, he found himself entering a completely new world! He was soon greeted by Captain X, who led him to a space center of that planet. After 48 hours of hectic training, Mollie and Raman set out for their first space adventure ever. (They were told that the reason why they are being chosen for the secret mission is that they are children and the aliens might consider them to be less powerful.)

Both of them were overwhelmed to see the Comets, Sun, and Saturn, but the ride was not at all smooth. However, the two children managed to land on the strange planet in their tiny spacecraft.

As they landed on the strange planet, they discovered that there were millions of aliens waiting to capture them. There was also a UFO that was preparing to take off. No sooner did the aliens decide to capture them, they started attacking the aliens with their advanced guns. The guns were created with a unique energy, which will not kill the aliens but will erase their memory completely. Mollie and Raman thus uses their gun to erase the memory of the aliens completely and then placed the victory flag on the strange planet!

Accompanied by Mollie, Raman then returns to Mars to drop Mollie. Captain X accompanied by the residents of Mars came rushing to them, but Raman informs them sulkily that he must leave for home for his parents must have been really worried about them. Captain X and Mollie both smiles and winks at him, and bids him goodbye!

When he walks out of the secret passage, it was a bright new morning. Raman starts walking towards his home (he was missing his parents very much, besides he was of the opinion that his parents too must have been very upset). When he knocks at the door (because he is too short to reach the calling bell), his mother comes out with an annoyed face! She opens the door, and to his utter shock she asks Raman, ‘so you must have come back for your home work copy?’ and when she notices the dirty uniform of Raman, she says ‘what is wrong with your uniform? How did you manage to get it so dirty in 10-15 minutes?’
Awestruck Raman stares blankly at his mother and bursts out in tears. He hugs his mother tightly and yells ‘Oh! Mum, I missed you so much’!

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.


PS: I would like to Thank my little brother Chandrabhal Basu, and dedicate this post to him 🙂

Love You Zindegi…

Statutory Warning: If you are NOT a fan of King Khan, please refrain from reading my post :p

“Dear Zindagi” (or should I say, dear Mr, Shah Rukh Khan :-P)

Writing a letter of this sort takes me back to my teenage days when I used to scribble upon my personal diary about my day to day activities. The only difference was, instead of ‘Dear Zindagi,’ I used ‘Dear Diary,’ which used to be a consistent monologue, which I used to pen down every single day without a failure. The level of secrecy and my indomitable desire to conceal my thoughts must have heightened up the level of curiosity, among my fan followers ( 😛 my mother and friends); for they left no stones unturned, to catch a glimpse of even a single page of my personal diary.



As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, I have been (and I am) a die-hard fan of King Khan throughout my life. As soon as I learned to speak, I started singing :

“Tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam…pyaar hota hai deewana sanam..”

And then, there was no turning back.

The pages of my diaries were usually filled with the recycled versions of romantic dialogues (I was studying in a girl’s school, so I had to quench my thirst of dating someone, falling in love, as well as break up, by daydreaming and penning them down in my personal diary).



At times, I fell in love with myself, reading my own letters and poems. ( I have recently discovered, it to be the effect of being under the influence of ego ideal, whereby one part of myself actually identified too much, with the character of Rahul, who fell in love with my other self.)

Sounds too clichéd huh?

Not only that, my obsession for Bollywood, and most importantly the character of Rahul Malhotra went to an extent, that I even searched for people named Rahul to find, the similarities they had with the onscreen ‘Rahuls’ and’ Rajs.’ As a result, I became obsessed with Rediff Bol and Yahoo Messenger at that point of time.

But, none seemed to be perfect for the name, as much as the onscreen Rahul! So, I preferred to sink in my own fantastic world, whereby my personal diary beared the testimony of my dumbness :-P.

When I actually started dating someone in my eleventh standard, I was probably on cloud nine. But that lasted no more than a year (11 months to be precise)…when I actually bumped into the reality and felt like cursing our grandfather, (the eminent filmmaker, Sir Yash Chopra, who taught us how to fall in love and to dream).


Clipart Panda

Well, that was indeed a hard blow for a girl like me! You expect to date a Raj or Rahul and you end up meeting someone like ‘Mukeshji or Mikey’ of Om Shanti Om 😛

I had to bid him adieu, by again using another recycled version of a dialogue from Dil To Pagal Hai, before I walked away:

“Kya tumne kabhi bhi … ek din ke liye bhi … ek pal ke liye bhi … mujhse pyar kiya tha?”

It was indeed a difficult phase, whereby I had to battle severe depression; because of an array of reasons, and that is when I gave up writing diaries anymore. But, when I overcame that, I became a strong and dynamic woman, who no longer cares about the world.

The three years of my graduation have always been the best time of my life because I learned to peep inside myself. As I turned into a hardcore feminist, I no longer dream of Raj to wait for me in the train until my father releases my hand.I would rather be Shivani of Anjaam and fight with the world (not SRK though 😛 ) for the sake of my love.

As I grew up, I began to fall in love with the man himself, rather than the characters he played on screen. I began to read more about his life, his struggles and how he became who he is today. And because, my experiences, my memories, my feelings and my attachments will always be mine and as Gaurav Chandna would say :

“Rehn de tu nehi samjhega…”



Being a student of Film Studies, and an entertainment professional, today I speak volumes about domestic audiences and reception of films. I criticize objectifying women onscreen and voice about gender equality, but when it comes to the films starring SRK; those films are always exceptional because they are classics! 😉

Yes, I do skip them deliberately and I still curse my senior, since he chose to research on King Khan and his stardom, the year before I joined the University. Lucky chap he was, because anything and everything related to SRK would always be my dream project anyway  :-D.

Never mind, because today I no longer complain about my life or my failures; nor I am scared to face my future (a bit skeptic, though). Today, I would rather say:

Dear Zindagi,

Thank you for being a great roller-coaster ride, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Here is my wishlist and my backup wishlist, please fulfill the same and lend my life the sense of completeness!

  • I wish (#keepingmyfingerscrossed) to meet Mr. Khan someday (though I don’t know what will I do, I might just die of shock 😛 ) and have a heart to heart conversation!
  • I wish to work on some project with you or about you someday ;

In case you find this too much, here are some backup wishes as well 😀 :

  • I wish, some of my friends (who have worked with or for him), will get me an autograph of him. (No selfies please..it hurts to see you posing with him 😥 )
  • I just wish him to be safe and healthy so that I can watch first day and the first show of any films where he even pays a guest appearance!
  • I wish him to be the King of Bollywood forever!

When it comes to the rest, I know you have the best plans for me! So, I would rather take the opportunity and thank you for everything, I have been experiencing till date. It’s my life and I will make it large 😀

Warm Regards,


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi  activity at BlogAdda”. I hope you are also a great fan of the King Khan, so catch this beautiful teaser of Dear Zingadi here:

FeatureImage Source:Btownmadness

A Sneak Peak Through Six Degrees Game of Blogs

Six Degrees is a collaborative effort of multiple bloggers across India. The three stories feature and revolve around five characters, set in two metropolitan cities, Delhi and Mumbai. The main objective of the entire effort was, to frame a story (which is obviously fictional) by three separate teams, comprising of multiple authors (or bloggers); and the result is Six Degrees!

In order to review this particular book, it is very essential to introduce the central characters of the stories, because otherwise it might turn out to be an arduous task! The stories revolve around the family of a freelance writer, settled in Mumbai; Shekhar Dutta (an ever smiling adorable dad), his wife, Tora Dutta (a careeristic modern woman, who works in the media) and their daughter Roohi Datta (a nine years old innocent girl). The other two characters include a wild life photographer Jennifer Joseph from Kochi (a hot young lady with a right hand tattoo) and a law student from Delhi, Cyrus Daruwala (a studious, stern faced character with noticeably large specs).

The first story, The Awakening, deals with the sudden arrival of Jennifer Joseph in the lives of the Dutta family and how, it leads to a series of unexpected revelations. From a happy family that resides in your neighbourhood the family is subjected to the threat of being fragmented! Unlike the other two stories, this story by team Lines is a proper science-fiction and it does not lack the factual details (which form a very important part of a science fiction). Honestly, I do not usually pick up a science fiction by Indian authors unless they are the masterpieces by the iconic novelists or authors (for example Satyajit Ray). But, this particular story is apparently well knit by the different authors, and it actually turns out to be a convincing plot! In fact, I would rather regret now for being judgemental!

Moving on to the next story by the team, Potliwale Baba, Entangles Lives is a murder mystery (one of my favourite genres). The housemaid of the Dutta family is murdered and there is no clear evidence to entangle the case. Much like all my favourite murder mysteries and thrillers, the Potliwalle Baba’s have successfully created the suspense by transforming every single character into a suspicious one. The revelation of the secrets and betrayal and the desire for revenge is meant to feed the reader, the much needed masalas. Of all the three stories, this particular story is my favourite because it bears multiple cinematic elements, which makes it even more engaging until the last page.

The last story, Missing: A Journey Within is another mystery story, where the daughter of the Duttas, Roohi tends to be missing (as the name itself suggests). The photographer, Jennifer Joseph happens to accidentally click an image of Roohi, as she was working on her assignments. The story echoes, the feelings of the parents as they fear, never to see their daughter again. The twists and turns, in the plot are worth mentioning here, because we have already seen a lot of similar stories, on silver screen. So, what awaits their fate? Will they finally manage to rescue their daughter? Read the story by team Tete-a-Ten to find out!

Final Verdict:


This book is highly recommended for the bloggers because it not only sets an example for us, but opens up the multiple possibilities by allowing us to brainstorm.  In most of the novels, movies (or stories), the plot tends to define the characters, but in this case it is just the reverse. For me, this particular book is not only a good read, but also a very good experiment, whereby one can visualize the same characters, in different shades (much like the limited editions of Nancy Drew stories) and I think, the Bollywood filmmakers should also consider these aspects in future. Furthermore, the language is lucid and the plots are well knitted (which is indeed a difficult task, because of so many incredible minds working together) to offer you the much needed treat. This book is definitely worth reading, and I would like to thank Blogadda for the wonderful initiative!

Six Degrees-Game of Blogs definitely proves the point that each blogger is different, their views are different and the way they visualize things are different !!! We highly recommend BlogAdda to come up or plan with the next edition of #Celebrate Blogging so that more bloggers can embark their journey to become authors.

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books!

Moving Around the Country in Style and Comfort!

Ever since its return in the year 2013, Datsun has stirred the Indian market with the amazing cars Go and Go+.  With the Datsun redi-Go, a unique small urban cross; the brand has deemed to compete with the most popular brands like Maruti, Renault as well as Hyundai. However, unlike its previous successors, this particular vehicle is not that high in price, as it is expected that it will be around 2.5-3.5 lakhs, thereby arresting the attention of the higher middle-class people of the society.


Image Source: www.thehindu.com

Smaller cars are more functional than the bigger and lavish ones!

As a child, I always longer for a small car, instead of the bigger and highly comfortable ones like Scorpio or Innova. I found it much easier to drive and move about in the crowded urban roads.  Especially during the festival seasons, the over-crowded lanes of Kolkata make it impossible for a person to drive home safely unless you are an expert driver with a lot of patience. The majority of the roads are blocked, and the thin lanes are full of autos, bikes, rickshaws and cycles; and even if you manage to enter there, you can never pass easily through it because the lanes are able to accommodate only a small vehicle at a time. Thus, I always thought that it is more functional to travel in a small car (if you too are not permitted to ride two-wheeler like me). Furthermore, these days majority of the families are relatively smaller in size, with three or four members, so one can easily fit in within a car like Datsun redi-Go and move across the city!


Image Source: www.motorbeam.com

Stunning design and cutting edge features within your reach:

The very design of the car reflects its basic character, it is always ready to move. In terms of design and appearance, the redi-Go might appear to be the car, which is specially designed for Indian roads. However, the interior designing of the car is even more interesting, especially because of the budget at which the car is launched in the market. The cabin bears a neat finish, with ample space and the piano black trim on the center portion, is appealing. There are silver accents all around the vents and the dashboard too is carefully designed to make it even more exciting for the drivers. The frontal visibility and the airy cabin are the features which make it stand apart from the rest. Furthermore, the bottle or cup holders makes it cozier to travel.


Image Source: www.motoroids.com

In a nutshell, apparently the car seems the perfect option for the 4G generation, where people are crazy about speed, design, and connectivity. However, if I get a chance, I would like to try out this car in my hometown, Kolkata. Even though there has already been a test drive being organized, I would like to travel across the rough and thin lanes, to test the comfortability factors. There has been ample description of its speed and functionality, but I would like to try out the comfortabilty factors, before comparing it with Maruti or Renault.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.




In Solidarity with JU

It was only a few years ago, that the Nirbhaya event shook the entire nation to the extent, that the country was forced to walk in the streets! Since then, there have been multiple protests, in favor of the freedom of expression and gender equality. I myself have been a part of many such protests because I consider myself to be a feminist and I see the importance of educating the mass about my rights!


Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Unlike many others, I do not fancy the idea of feminism. I am a feminist because I have been experiencing gender inequality, ever since the day I began to develop a little understanding of the world; I am a feminist because I have been a victim of child abuse and molestation and the memories are still  fresh enough to give me goosebumps! Unfortunately, my bold statements often turn out to be a reason for discomfort of many. So, I would rather talk about something which has drawn the attention of the entire nation, the JNU protest and JU’s support!

Being a part of the JU protests, I have clearly understood that there are certain groups of people, who take part in these protests with varying interests. Let us glance at what they think while entering a protest march:

  • A group of politicians and celebrities: Okay, so I have been silent for quite some time, here is a chance to be in the limelight and draw the public to support me in the near future. What if I make the innocent students suffer for this? I will at least try to execute my plan!


Image Source: funnypoliticalpictures2014.blogspot.com

  • The Television channels: Here is an incident, which can have a tremendous impact on our viewership and TRPs. Let’s play the age old strategic game and grab some profit!


Image Source: andrewyacoub.wordpress.com

  • Confused journalist: Even if I don’t support this wholeheartedly, I have to save my job! I will rather be on the safer side.


Image Source: nataliedeemachine.com

  • Attention Seeker (who has been trying hard to be in the limelight): Let me develop something (images, poems or write-ups) really weird and out of the world. People will definitely notice me, and yay! I will be the star of the day (or if I am lucky it may be a week)!


Image Source: www.cartoonstock.com

  • A group of self-motivated individuals: We don’t really care what’s going on here; in fact, we never bothered to be a part of this. Here we find a group of women (don’t really care if they are journalists, teachers or students); okay we will push them hard, grab their hair, hit them hard and try to derive as much sexual pleasure as we can (because after all they are the weaker sex and how far will they go?) and the point of focus here is something else, so we will have fun and go unnoticed!


a-cartoon-shows-a-woman-suffering-sexual-harassment-for-fears-of-losing-job-the-ministry-of-labor-war-invalids-and-social-affairs-has-issued-a-code-of-conduct-on-preventing-sexual-harassment-in-the-16.jpgImage Source: www.talkvietnam.com

  • Avid Facebook User: Okay, so these students are organizing protests against the violence and sexual assault inside a campus! Here is my checklist: my sister doesn’t study in this University, my girlfriend is safe and the girl I am interested in, also has nothing to do with the protest.


Image Source: blog.thoughtpick.com

So, I will now post something indifferent “The students don’t have any work other than polluting my news feed” or “Ah! These students are always seeking attention”.

Of course, if you have someone (close to your heart) in these Universities, the case might be slightly different!

Meanwhile, there are numerous students, who have been beaten up, sexually assaulted, abused and harassed (now and then) still continues to fight for the cause without any self-interest! Yes, they have been shamed for being hopeless and encouraging chaos, for they have been bearing the sexual harassments, abusive tones, relentless criticisms and still skipping the delicious meals,wasting their productive time (which most of them use in far better way than the Facebook addicts), and missing the important lectures (while many of  the young lads are enjoying a cozy date with their girlfriends)!

[At the University level, very few students tend to bunk the lectures for no cause; at least at some of the best universities of the country]


Image Source: www.macleans.ca

Yet, very few people ponder upon the fact, that why so! The JU students too, could have simply ignored the situation and lead a normal life? The reason why they chose this path is, probably because they want a safe and secure campus, free from violence and dirty politics! They want a healthy environment across the campuses of the country, which will have a positive impact on them and will encourage them to enrich their knowledge, rather than molestation taking place now and then! Yes, they are the anti-nationalists because they support the innocent JNU students (it no longer matters, whether they are students or terrorists  ) and thus, deserve to be criticized by people (who don’t even know why these educated individuals are bearing all these pain).

Say No to Violence - SCGS.jpg

Image Source: scgsbrownies.blogspot.com

Thanks to our professors, educated and logical Indians, and the University co-workers who have been supporting and backing up all the innocent and helpless students without any self-interest.

Long live the student’s movement! May the campuses across the country be violence free and safe for all!

PS: The issue I am talking about here, is the impact of violence at the University and nothing else.



This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Five fantastico tips to make the most of a trip!

If you have been an avid traveler throughout your life, you must be well aware of the little tricks, which can help you to reap the maximum fun in a trip. In case you have just started your journey as a traveler, here are few tips to get you started:

  1. Do not completely trust the local people to locations or factual information: When it comes to travelling, it is always better to search the internet and get hold of basic information or guide about your destination, rather than simply relying on the word of mouth.

In my case, it so happened that my relatives refrained from mentioning some of the historical locations because they thought it might not draw my interest; while I found the local temples and monasteries boring! The lesson that I learned is, what appears to be interesting for them, might not arrest my attention. A basic research work can help you to ask them about the spots you might want to visit. Besides, gathering factual information about the spots, tend to make it even more appealing for the tourists.


Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

  1. Never carry too many clothes: It is always better to carry only the essential items on a trip. Unless you are travelling to an isolated island (whereby only the tribal people reside) or you are travelling for a special event, avoid carrying excessive clothes. This way, you can shop more at the foreign land and carry home the fantastico stuff, which you might not be able to purchase in your locality.


Image Source :www.mumbairock.com 

  1. Carry only sufficient cash or hide them in a safe place: Even though carrying excessive cash in a remote land might appear to be dangerous, there are many places where you might not be able to access ATM machines. I personally prefer to carry cards instead of cash, but if you want to shop from the local bazaars and taste the street food, you can’t expect them to accept card; and even if you find an ATM, it might not function properly.

In fact, once the bank even blocked my Debit Card once, because I was using it outside my state (and I intended to draw a huge amount).The trick is to carry sufficient cash in a concealed pocket inside your luggage and to take it out as per your daily needs. These days there are many stylish pockets or sling bags available, which too are very useful for the backpackers.


Image Source: www.123rf.com

  1. Scan the local markets and cuisines: In order to make the most of your trip, it is always better to scan the local bazaars for the fantastico handmade goods, delicious street foods and the things which are popular in the place. Unless you take part in these exciting activities, you have hardly explored the place properly. Find a local shop, which is decent and hygienic, to avoid the health hazards during your trip.


Image Source: www.english-area.com

  1. Avoid rushing from one place to another: In today’s world, we hardly have time to be a part of the local culture and tradition. We carry our digital cameras, and love to pose or simply to click the scenic beauty (to post images on the social networking sites and showcase our hidden talents). As a result, we tend to skip many beautiful locations, which might not feature among the notable tourist spots of the place. Instead of rushing from one place to another, it is always better to visit one particular destination in a single trip and to make the most of it.


Image Source: www.colourbox.com

Try out these five fantastico tips next time you plan a trip, and make the most of it!


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Transform your life by altering your habits!

Do you think that, simply swapping the regular meal with oats can transform your life?
Never! It requires specific strategies, to maintain the ideal balance between the body and soul. If you have been struggling hard to bring out the best in you, here are few things you must try out:
Do away with the negative thoughts in your mind: Despite being in a stressful situation, it is always important to perceive the positive aspects. I have noticed that many people start worrying about their career when there is relatively less work; on the other hand, they find themselves in dire stress when there is ample work! Focusing on positive thinking can help an individual to focus better in their work, by stop worrying about the consequences.

images.jpgImage Source: www.successconsciousness.com

Visit a mental clinic: Visiting a mental clinic doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed lunatic tendencies. Furthermore, there is a subtle difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. At times, the human mind ceases functioning properly due to the hormonal secretion of the pituitary gland. Under such circumstances, it is not impossible for the patient to commit a crime, or to get himself hurt (because he might feel defeated). Taking proper medicines can successfully restore back the state of normalcy and allow the individual to concentrate on the vital aspects of their life.

16916941-cartoon-illustration-of-male-medical-doctor-in-clinic-consulting-room-with-stethoscope-and-prescript.jpgImage Source: www.123rf.com

Take a break from the monotonous life: We understand how difficult it is for you, to leave your desk without finishing a task (especially if you are a freelancer like me). But it is very crucial to step outside at least once in a day to let your mind function properly; and if you are a creative individual, it will certainly help you a lot to get fresh ideas.
What most of us prefer is, to tune in the peppy music tunes and take a short break! But that doesn’t help all the time because you need to connect with your inner self to ponder upon other vital aspects of life. This can have a positive impact on your life too!

4c9qb6gcE.jpegImage Source: www.clipartbest.com

The art of breathing perfectly: Did you know that most of us are unaware of the proper method of breathing? Even though it is impossible to survive without performing this basic function, most of us adopt the incorrect way of breathing, upper body breathing. Fortunately, I came across an uncle who offered me candid lessons on the impact of belly breathing and how it can help me to stay energized throughout the day. My uncle would advise me to wake up early in the morning, and to practice the art of breathing because it can benefit our body in ways more than one.

Image Source: thedailymeditation.com

  • Exercising a bit or walking: This is perhaps the easiest yet most difficult habit to be adapted, in order to stay fit. Being confined to a room, and staying glued to our work bench has turned into our daily habit. As a result, the thought of moving our body aggressively for even half an hour scares us, even though all of us are aware of the impact of regular exercising!

The trick is to pick some lightweight foldable gadgets from the online stores and to try to make it work for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get a treadmill at your home! A simple jumping rope or push up bars might work for you. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to exercise early in the morning. As for me, I try to wrap up my urgent tasks in the afternoon and start exercising from around 4-5 pm; and it works perfectly for me!

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Five annoying comments about my nose piercing!

Ever since my childhood, I have always loved the art of body piercing. I was around five years old when I got my ear pierced, for the first time. It didn’t hurt me much, because I was used to getting wounded now and then while playing (and I was popular for my sporting attitude).

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I was desperate to get my ear pierced again, since my seventh standard and finally got it done in the ninth standard. Thereafter, there was no turning back. I have been piercing my ears and nose at least once a year. I strongly believe, that choosing the perfect earring or nose pin, can actually transform your appearance completely.


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Unfortunately, only a handful of fashionable youths devote ample time to select the perfect accessories, which complies perfectly with their dress. I am very particular about the accessories I choose, and I pay equal or more attention to it (rather than my dress). However, in most of the cases I have to face some really silly questions, which I think the majority of women with multiple piercings tend to face!


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So, here are the top five annoying questions and comments related to my nose piercing, that I had faced till date:
Isn’t it out of fashion?
This is perhaps the most common question that I have answered, whenever I got a new piercing (especially my nose). Well, of course, I don’t find it old-fashioned to get my nose pierced, unless I pick a traditional heavy nose pin with a casual dress or a regular pair of jeans!
Is that a real piercing? Did it hurt?
Of course! This is one of the silliest question I have come across. Who doesn’t know that any body piercing will hurt? Even if you get it done after applying medicine, it will obviously hurt when the anesthetic effect gets over. As the old saying goes “no pain no gain”!
Can I pull it off?
Why on Earth would you ask someone this question! Do you want to check out the nose pin they are wearing or their patience? Just Google it, friends! There are ample fantastic designs available on the online shopping sites (for the ones who have a piercing as well as who don’t ). Simply browse through them and if I am kind enough, I might just take it off and show you.
Trust me you look pretty without them!
What if I don’t want to look pretty at all? Maybe I love carrying this weird look!
Honestly, these types of suggestions mostly come from my friends, relatives and well-wishers, which turns off my peppy mood. In fact, I have also heard that the ex-boyfriend of my friend asked him to take it off because it made him feel uncomfortable!
You look hot with it:
I considered it to be a fantastico compliment (even if you don’t find any other good quality in me); until I read a recent article, which stated that it is one of the common forms of innocent adulation. Indeed, it is an alarming compliment in that case!
I still try to justify myself, that it is not a wise decision to generalize everything and the guy might have made a random comment!

What I find intolerable is, when people post silly images of men or women with millions of piercings in their body, and tag me in that.


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I mean what exactly they are trying to prove? I haven’t yet lost my sanity and as a matter of fact, I only have six piercings in my ear, and one in my nose!

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4 peppy dressing ideas for the love season!

There are few things in which we have nothing much to do. For all the heartbreaks because of people leaving us alone and not looking back at us, we had only one thing to do to cry, to be in pain. But then again, as the rule of this universe, there will come a point where you will be at the other side of the table. Now, the way you use it is completely on your hands. First thing is that you can pretty much try and avenge that pain by doing something absolutely drastic, not meant literally, but if the opportunity presents itself, then more power to you. And while you are at it, while you make that man or woman regret leaving you, as you rise to your fame, there is no harm in dressing up for the occasion.


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To start with, there are few rules you must abide by:
1. Do not turn yourself into a baseless person, the moment you set your eyes on him. Instead, the trick is to hold your poise, and still be peppy and absolutely breath taking while he is in the room, to make him suffocate.
2. Dressing up perfectly for the occasion. For instance, if it is a formal party, dress accordingly if it is a pool party you should go that sets the mood and while doing so, make sure you cover up your assets and still be tricky about it.
Wondering how to do so? Read on!
Bandage dress– Bring on the best game with your bandage dress. See there is something irresistible about those very things which we can’t have and now the actual truth is that, what are far more irresistible are the things which you once had, lost it and now is out of your league. So, when you adorn that bandage dress that drapes around your skin like it is rather the second skin this will set him on fire.


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Formal suit– This shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that there is something about men who knows how to wear their suit or their uniform. From a man with ‘swag’, they immediately turn into the forbidden apple that we women can’t even touch. Now, to bring out that posh gentleman in you, more than chivalry at this point you need to look dapper than usual.


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Dress the way you wouldn’t- It is always better to dress up in such a way that, that person is unaware that you can pull off. Now, by this, we do not mean that you should end up looking trashy and absolutely ridiculous. For instance, had you been the kind who would rather wear jeans and some top to match with for any occasion, make sure you raise the bar a little and set a standard by putting on that dress you have, the kind he should like on other girls. For men too, this is the simplest trick. Just make it very prominent that you are not the ‘person’ they so, claim to know. You are more than just the way ‘they’ can define you.


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Casual jeans and top can work just fine– who says that jeans are something casual and tops or the t-shirts are just a silly excuse? You need to know how to and what to, the rest of the things can be handled. Be done with those over-sized things, for god’s sake, no matter what your weight is, and how ugly you think you might look. To start with pick up that self-confidence you had dropped when that person had left you and start by buying skinny jeans of your type and make a statement. Now, that the jeans have been taken care of, the t-shirt or top choices are endless. And trust us when we say, you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and top.


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So, get ready for the love season with these peppy dressing ideas; and make a wise move so that you don’t regret it in the future!

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